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Avatar Royan...
2.5 year old scared to use nappy or potty...

my daughter started toilet training herself & we thought she was doing really well, untill one day she saw her poos in the potty & from then on she has been petrified of the potty, and is holding on, wont even do it in her nappy. she is getting very miserable & uncomfortable. i'm scared she's going to make herself sick.

Jane ...
Answer: Hi,
It may be better just to forget about toilet training for a while and take a very relaxed approach to it all. The risk with a toddler being fearful is that they can “hold on” to their poos and become very constipated. Make sure she’s drinking plenty of water and eating a high fibre diet with not too much cow’s milk- 3 serves a day is ideal.
You may need to go back to putting her in nappies for a couple of weeks but in the meantime, sit her on the toilet/potty after meals and when she’s showing signs of needing to poo. Sit on the floor beside her and read a book together, take her to the toilet with you when you go and role model what she can do too.
This time will pass but in the meantime it’s important that you don’t get too caught up in her anxiety and just be very cool and matter of fact.
Answered: 01 Feb 2017