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Potty Picasso

  • Duration


  • Age

    , toddler, child

  • Skill for Bub

    Mind builder, Hand/eye coordination, Just for fun


It can be hard to get a toddler to sit on their new potty or the toilet. Create a special project especially for that time.

Sometimes it’s hard to get a child to want to sit on their new potty or the toilet throughout toilet training. Create a special project for that time that they can only do while they are sitting on the potty or toilet? Turn your child into a ‘Potty Picasso’!

What you’ll need

  • A chalkboard or dry erase board
  • Chalk or dry erase markers
  • Mounting tape

What to do

Mount the chalk board or dry erase board at the bottom of the bathroom wall right next to where the potty or toilet sits. Explain to your child about this magical board, that he can only draw on it, not the wall, and only when he’s sitting on his potty or toilet.

When he’s sitting on the potty or toilet, give him a few dry erase markers or chalk and let him create away. He can either add to an existing masterpiece each time, or part of the fun can be erasing his art each time and starting over.

Add to the fun by using one of these ideas:

  • Take a picture of each of his creations. Print the photo out and let him start his own art portfolio.
  • Have a theme of the day. For example, today is Animal Day. Every time he draws it has to be an animal – whether real or imagined!
  • How does using the potty or toilet make him feel? Have him draw a self-portrait that shows his feelings for being a big kid!
  • Join him and play a fun game of tic-tac-toe.
  • Look for scented markers and chalk, or try different colours like neon or even glow in the dark.