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Potty Prince or Princess

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  • Age

    , toddler, child

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    Mind builder, Parties and Celebrations, Just for fun


It’s important for your toddler to have tangible proof that they have succeeded while toilet training. That’s where this activity can help.

Children want to be recognized for their achievements. This is especially true where toilet training is concerned. While it’s important for your child to hear your praise and to verbally share the good news with friends and family, it’s equally important for your child to have tangible proof that he or she has succeeded. That’s where this activity can help.

You will need

  • For a girl: a necklace from your jewelry box or one that you have made
  • For a boy: a tie from Daddy’s closet
  • A hook or hanging spot near the potty but out of reach

What to do

Hang the necklace or tie near the potty or toilet, but out of your child’s reach. Let your child know that this special necklace or tie is a reward for the “Potty Prince” or “Potty Princess” who can keep their Pull-Ups® dry and their potty wet. When your child successfully uses the toilet, pull down the necklace or tie for a specific amount of time. Set the timer, or watch the clock, and once you’ve reached the limit, place the necklace or tie back on its hook for next time. (The timed approach is an easy way to keep the activity positive and keep your child interested.) Note: Always supervise your child when they are wearing the necklace or tie.