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The Potty Chain

  • Duration


  • Age

    , toddler, child

  • Skill for Bub

    Parties and Celebrations, Just for fun


Celebrate a successful visit to the toilet with a call to Grandma, Grandpa or an Aunt.

Successful trips to the potty or toilet are a big deal. To help your child understand the magnitude of what he or she has accomplished in toilet training, put the Potty Chain into action.

First, get out your address book and make a list of family members and close friends who would be willing to help you and your child celebrate toilet training related achievements. Next, call the participants to let them know what’s going on, that your child will be calling from time to time in order to share the big news. Assure them that these calls won’t be long. (They simply need to last long enough for your child to share his or her joy and for the person on the other end to contribute to the excitement.)

To put the chain into action, wait for a successful potty or toilet attempt. Then, pull out the list and let your child make a call to share his or her good news. Next time there’s something to celebrate, move down the list, so that you aren’t calling the same person over and over again. Make one phone call for each success. If your list is short, repeat calls to important people like Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa.