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There may be no better time to teach about cleaning up than during the toilet training process.

Toilet training can be a messy endeavor, but why should Mum or Dad do all the clean up? Sure, it’s quicker when a parent does it, but there’s no learning involved in that. In fact, there may be no better time to teach responsibility than during the toilet training process.

How to do it?

Include your child in tasks such as cleaning up accidents and laundering soiled clothes. Of course, keep the child-specific tasks age appropriate. For example, your child can carry wet Pull-Ups® to the bin, fetch wipes or a clean washcloth and even help push a mop or rag. In the laundry room, your child can load the washer and even dump in a capful of detergent under your watchful eye.

However you choose to have your child help, remember to never use this activity as punishment. Simply let your child know that cleaning up is a part of toilet training, and that he or she is expected to help. If you meet with resistance, try singing or telling silly stories while you’re tidying. This will keep your child interested and remind you that even the messiest tasks can have an element of fun to them.