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Dot to dot

  • Duration


  • Age

    , toddler, child

  • Skill for Bub

    Mind builder


Remember sitting with your book of dot-to-dots and being so excited to see what the mysterious picture lurking somewhere inside those dots was? Dot-to-dots will never go out of style, and they are also a great tool in the toilet training process.

What you’ll need

  • A book of dot-to-dots
  • Crayons

Flip through the book of dot-to-dots with your child and have her select one. Tell her every time she goes ‘poo poo’ or ‘pee pee’ on the potty or toilet, she gets to draw on the next line on the puzzle. Keep the dot-to-dot out where she can see it so it not only serves as a reminder to go to her potty chair when the urge hits, but also as a motivator not to have an accident.

For added fun, you can:

  • Count the dots together and see how many trips the bathroom it will take to complete the page;
  • Make guesses as to what the picture is of; and
  • Decide on a special treat when the page is complete.

When the dot-to-dot is complete and the mystery is solved, have her colour it for the finishing touch. Then give her a special treat for her awesome accomplishment. The picture can be displayed on the refrigerator, or buy an inexpensive frame and display on the wall or on the mantle for the whole family to see.

Another option is to let your child do the complete dot-to-dot when she is sitting on the potty. Help her save her finished puzzles in a notebook, or let her tape them to the wall beside the toilet.