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Rewards programs are often suggested to parents eager for toilet training to become a habit. Set up your reward system.

Rewards programs are often suggested to parents eager for toilet training to become a habit. These programs encourage children to use the potty or toilet on a regular basis in order to earn small gifts. Rewards programs can work, but in order for the idea to be successful you have to find a program that truly interests and motivates your child. If the classic sticker chart isn’t working, here’s a twist that just might work in your home.

Instead of giving your child a small lolly or a sticker each time he or she successfully uses the potty, add a marble or a coin to a clear jar, which is kept in sight, but out of your child’s reach. Once your child fills the jar, offer a “toilet training prize,” a reward worth working for. The reward could be a new toy, a day out with Mum or playing a special game with Dad. Some families find that their child is especially motivated by the opportunity to pick from a “treasure box.” You can make one from a shoebox. Decorate it, and fill it with child-safe trinkets. When the reward jar is full, let your child take his or her pick from the “treasure box.”

Of course, you should use a reasonably sized jar, such as a jam jar, so that filling up doesn’t take so long that it becomes discouraging. You can also celebrate other level increases, like the halfway point, to maintain your child’s interest.

And remember, under no circumstances should objects be removed from the jar for accidents. Keep it positive! Focus on accomplishment.