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I'm like a sponge

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    , toddler, child

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    Mind builder, Just for fun


Getting your child to recognise when his bladder is ready to be emptied can be a challenging part of toilet training. You can use this activity to teach your child about a full bladder with the help of your bathtub and a sponge.

During a bath, introduce a sponge to your child. Start like this: “Let’s pretend this is your bladder. Right now, it’s empty. Feel it?” Let your child touch the dry and thin sponge.

Now, dip the corner of the sponge into the bath water and proceed: “Oops. You just drank some milk. Your bladder is starting to fill up. Can you feel that?” Let your child feel how the sponge is now wet. Point out how the wet corner has grown bigger now that it’s filling up with water.

Next, dip the sponge into the water even more. As the sponge gets heavier, ask your child if it’s time for the sponge to “use the toilet.” When you child agrees, hold the sponge high in the air and release the water by squeezing. If you repeat until the sponge is saturated, make sure to let your child know that the sponge is too full, and a too-full bladder creates a lot of discomfort for a child. Once you’ve gotten your point across to the best of your ability, let your child enjoy some free play with the sponge.