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Water is a pivotal player in the potty training game, and kids are fascinated by it.

Water is a pivotal player in the toilet training game, and kids are fascinated by it. You can use this fact to your advantage with the following activity.

First, talk with you child about all the water that is involved with toilet training:

  • Water in the foods you eat and the liquid you drink
  • Water in your body
  • Water in the toilet bowl
  • Water in the pipes that lead to the faucet of the bathroom sink

Second, talk about how water moves and sounds; how it spills and splashes. Let your child know that small splashes are a good sign during toilet training.

The final part to this activity is encouraging your child to listen for all the splashes during his or her trips to the toilet. Point out sounds like the urine splashing into the toilet and the water splashing over your child’s hands during washing. Phrases like, “I’m listening for a little splash. Am I going to hear one?” or “Did I just hear a splash? I did!” will encourage your child and keep the atmosphere fun. As you get used to the activity, you can progress to counting splashes for an exciting new twist.