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A Silly Potty Dance

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  • Age

    , toddler, child

  • Skill for Bub

    Muscle builder, Parties and Celebrations, Just for fun


Turn your toddler’s enthusiasm for dancing into a fun way to announce that they have to go to the potty or toilet.

Children love to dance. Whether it’s just swaying back and forth to the music, jumping up and down or imitating a dance one of their favorite characters is doing on that DVD that lives in your machine, nothing is quite a cute as a child “getting down.” Turn their enthusiasm for dance into a fun way to announce that they have to go to the potty or toilet during toilet training.

Tell your child you want him to create a unique “potty” dance. After he’s come up with his special routine, let him show it to the entire family. Clap and tell him what a fantastic job he did. Now tell him you cannot wait to see that dance every time he has to go to the potty or toilet.

Want to jazz up his dance even more?

Here are some fun options:

  • Let him select a special song and record it on his play recorder so he can just hit the button for the music.
  • Find props! A long piece of ribbon? A baton? His set of play musical instruments? Anything can add some fun to his dance.
  • Invite a friend – a stuffed friend, that is. Have him do his special dance with his favorite stuffed animal.
  • Tell him to come up with a silly name for his dance.
  • Videotape him doing the dance so you can share with friends and family.

Every time your child does his routine, be sure to immediately remind him to go to the potty or toilet after he takes his bow. For added fun, tell him YOU will do the dance after a certain number of successful trips to the bathroom!