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Who's Wet?

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    , toddler, child

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Water play is a great way to help your child recognise the difference between being wet and staying dry.

Water play is a great way to help your child recognise the difference between being wet and staying dry throughout the toilet training process. Knowing the difference is an important step in your child’s recognition of when it’s time to use the toilet. This activity can help your child understand what wet and dry actually feel like.

For this activity, you’ll need cotton balls and private prep time while your child is napping or otherwise occupied and unable to see the exact set-up.


  • Take six cotton balls, and dip three in a little water so that the bottom of the cotton ball is damp.
  • Line the cotton balls up on a tray and set it in front of your child.
  • Encourage your child to flip each cotton ball over and check the bottom for which one is wet and which one is dry.
  • Shuffle the cotton balls to different locations and play again.

While you’re playing the game, encourage conversation about how wet and dry awareness applies to potty training. You can say something like, “You’re right! This cotton ball has a wet Pull-Up. He didn’t get to the toilet on time.” Even when you’re not playing Who’s Wet? you can still draw from the experience. Pose questions to your child about toileting such as, “Are you ready to use the potty? Are you still dry like the cotton ball, or are you a little bit wet?” Drawing a comparison will help your child understand your expectations, allowing him or her more chances for toilet training success!