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Wish, Wipe, Wash

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Teach your child toilet training with the help of three Ws; Wish, Wipe, Wash

Teach your toddler toilet training with the help of three Ws:

The first W is for wish. Explain to your child that sitting on the potty or toilet is the perfect spot for wishing, and this is a great way to encourage toilet training. Encourage him or her to make a wish while sitting on the potty or toilet. (The wish doesn’t have to be toilet training related.) While many wishes are secret wishes, potty wishes can be shared. Discussing the wish with your child will encourage him or her to remain on the potty or toilet in a relaxed state long enough for the activity to be productive.

Once the wish is made and your child has successfully used the potty – or your child has sat long enough without actually going – guide him or her in the second W: wiping. Wiping appropriately (from front to back) is an important part of toilet learning. Whether or not the trip to the potty or toilet yields the desired result, it’s important to have your child get comfortable with the correct steps. Allow your child to wipe after each trip to the toilet.

Follow up the wishing and wiping with the third W: washing, hands to be exact. Successful hand washing includes soap, water and a song! Singing a simple song like “Happy Birthday” when hand washing, will ensure that your child has washed long enough – a habit that will prove useful once he or she attends school.

When you use all three Ws during a trip to the potty, you are helping instill in your child good toileting behaviors that will lead to total toilet independence.