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Favourite Songs

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Warm up your voice and summon your creativity – and get ready to sing!

Sitting on the potty or toilet waiting “to go” can cause some children to get antsy; possibly making them want to avoid toilet training all together. One way to make them look forward to this time is by throwing in a little entertainment. So warm up your voice and summon your creativity – and get ready to sing!

  • Write an Original: While your child is sitting on the potty or toilet, grab a notebook and pen and work together to create an original song. One way is to decide on a song he already knows the tune to, then add new words. Or be even more creative and use your own tune! Practice the song together each time he’s on the potty; then once it’s mastered, have him put on a show for the rest of the family.
  • Karaoke Club: Get an inexpensive karaoke machine and keep it beside her potty or the toilet. She’ll have a ball putting on a show and belting out some tunes while she sits center stage on her potty!!
  • Just the Favourites: While your child sits on his potty or toilet, just sing! Sing his favourites. Sing her one of your favourites. Sing one together. Do old favourites like “Itsy Bitsy Spider.”
  • It’s All in the Cards: Use letter flashcards that have pictures on them or create your own on index cards. Have your child close his eyes and select a card. He has to come up with an original song about whatever picture is on the card.

Before you know it, your child won’t be able to wait to get to the potty or toilet so he can sing another tune!