Toilet training games

Toilet Training Games

Play the Wet and Dry Game

Get your toddler to point out which picture shows wet and which picture shows dry. Use this toilet training tool to start off a game of wet and dry around the house. Simply walk around and ask your toddler to point out things in the house that are wet and dry.

Tap on and off
Dog wet and dry
Kid wet and dry

What’s my Name?

Let your toddler tell you the names of each of these items below. Let it be the start of the ‘name game’ that you can play anywhere you go. Simply point at anything when you are out and about and let your toddler tell you what it is. You may be surprised by how much they know already.

Name that item

Remember to check out the Huggies Kids Activities section where we have hundreds of great activities for your toddler. Plus, a whole section dedicated to fun toilet training games and activities to help your toddler through the toilet training phase with a smile on their face.

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