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1st birthday invitation templates

As your guest list will usually be short for your little one’s first birthday, it can be fun to spend time making your own invitations. Choose an invitation template that is fairly simple as you may have to make several copies.

While your little one is still too small to get too actively involved in making 1st birthday party invitations, it doesn’t mean they can’t be part of it! We’ve included a couple of birthday invitation templates where they can make their unique little stamp on the invite!

Here are some terrific birthday invitation templates for you that you might like to try.

Birthday invitation template guide

Handprint birthday invitation template

Equipment needed

  • Non toxic finger paint
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Fineliner pen
  • Huggies wet wipes


  1. Paint bub’s hand and then place the prints on separate sheets of paper.
  2. Wipe bub’s hands clean of the paint immediately.
  3. Wait for paint to dry.
  4. Cut out the handprint.
  5. On the palm section write out: “You’re invited to <insert bub’s name> 1st birthday!” Write the details of the party on each finger of the cut out.

Handy hint: if you’re using this birthday invitation template stick with lighter colours for the paint. That makes it easier to see the words written on the invitation.
If it’s a themed birthday choose paint colours that tie in with the party itself.

Baby photo birthday invitation template

Equipment needed

  • A cute photo of bub
  • Microsoft word
  • Printer


  1. Create a table in Word and put your photo in there.
  2. Make sure there is space at the side for the text.
  3. Type in “Guess who is turning 1?” and add the relevant birthday party details to the template.
  4. Print out required copies.

Handy hint: If you’d like a high gloss or matt effect finish with your birthday invitations, then the team at Snapfish can help you custom design this particular birthday invitation template to your exact specifications. Click here for details.

Balloon invitation template

Equipment needed

  • Balloons
  • Permanent felt tip pen
  • Envelopes


  1. Inflate the balloon but don’t tie it up.
  2. Write the birthday party details on the inflated balloon with the felt tip pen then allow it to deflate.
  3. Pop the balloons in envelopes with a little note instructing the receiver of the invitation to blow up the balloon to see what has been written there. This is a really sweet way to send out a birthday invitation by providing a little surprise for the invitee.

Alternative birthday invitation template ideas:

If you don’t feel up to tackling these birthday invitation templates, these sites may be useful.

  • This beautiful site will be able to help you design something super special for bub and has free e-invites at myinvite. This site offers some limited free birthday invitation templates that you can personalise.
  • You may also wish to use Invitationland

Remember to make an extra copy to stash away in bub’s scrapbook. It is extremely unlikely they are going to remember the big day. This will act as a great little memento for them when they are older, and they can then appreciate all the hard work you put into planning their first birthday for them!