Pregnant lady holding belly while coooking in kitchen

Pregnancy Health Care

Most pregnant women are understandably keen to avoid anything which could potentially harm them or their baby.
It s not technically cats that you need to be worried during pregnancy it s more to do with their kitty litter.
One of the best things you can do for yourself during pregnancy is to find ways to relax and unwind.
Pregnant women are constantly warned about the dangers of listeria.
Of all the things to cut out while you are pregnant, smoking really needs to be at the very top of your list.
Even if you've never given much thought to your diet before, becoming pregnant is likely to bring about some changes.
You know it s important to eat well during pregnancy, but exactly what constitutes good food? Which foods will help your pregnant body to function well and support your baby to grow to its potential? It s easy to become confused when there is so much information around, particularly when a lot of it is conflicting.
Pregnant women benefit from eating healthy foods most of the time and still enjoy the occasional treat.
When you are pregnant, whatever you eat and drink will eventually find its way to your baby.
Eating healthy, nutritious food is important at every stage in your life.
Physical Changes
It is important to remember that every woman is an individual and will respond in her own unique way to pregnancy.
Pregnancy is a time of transition for breasts.
The crucial thing is to talk to your doctor if you find any lumps you are unsure about.
Genetics, gender, age, environment, diet, exercise, occupation, lifestyle factors and metabolism all play a role in what any of us weigh and how much weight we gain or lose over our lifetimes.
All women, whether they re pregnant or not, have some vaginal discharge after puberty.
Emotional Changes
Pregnancy marks the official beginning of many adjustments both physical and emotional, so it is important to be mindful of the impact of these changes to your emotional and mental health.
Depression can be a sensitive topic.
Your life is already busy without the added responsibilities of being pregnant.
Pregnancy Wellbeing
To check the mothers
Pregnancy used to be seen as a time when women needed to stop their exercise regimes.
Massage during pregnancy has gained a lot in popularity in recent years.
Massage during pregnancy could do wonders for your health and wellbeing.
Far from being considered off limits, sex during pregnancy is a very popular activity for many couples.
ABO is an immune response which occurs when babies have a different blood type to their mother and are then affected by the antibodies she has produced.
Anaemia can develop at anytime during the average lifespan, though it is more common during pregnancy.
Bleeding during pregnancy can be common. As many as 20% of women will have some sort of bleeding, especially during early pregnancy.
Catching chickenpox at any age is a nuisance, but this blistering virus can cause serious complications when you are pregnant.
Cholestasis in pregnancy, otherwise known as Obstetric Cholestasis or Intrahepatic Cholestasis is a relatively rare condition, occurring in 1 in every 1000 pregnancies.
A miscarriage is the loss a baby before 20 weeks of pregnancy.
It is thought that around 50% of all miscarriages are due to a chromosomal problem occurring within the embryo.
Sadly, every pregnancy carries a risk of miscarriage.
By definition, miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy before 20 weeks gestation, though 98% of miscarriages will occur in the first 13 weeks.
With any pregnancy there is always miscarriage risk, regardless of how well the woman takes care of herself.

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