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Toilet Training

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How to
Are you and your toddler just about ready to say goodbye to nappies for good? Then it s time to start thinking about toilet training.
Childcare and toilet training.
Gaining independence in the bathroom is an important milestone for young children.
Toilet training often begins when parents recognise their toddler's signs of either going to the toilet or needing to go.
Celebrate your toilet training success by downloading your very own customisable graduation certificate.
What's the Story on Withholding? Working Through a Common Training Challenge?
Regression is Normal! Here's How to get Back on Track.
Advice for Night Time Potty Training.
Nighttime bedwetting, also known as nocturnal enuresis, is when the bladder empties itself during sleep.
Making the transition from nappies to underwear is all a part of the toilet training process.
Firstly, decide if the potty or toilet seat is right for your child.
Some parents may decide to skip the potty and instead have their child move straight to the toilet when they think their toddler is ready.
Toilet training your child consists of more than just teaching your child how to use the toilet or potty.
For more information see Toilet Training or How to Start Toilet Training.
Just like with naptime, bedtime and other toddler routines, you ll want to achieve consistency and establish a toilet training routine.
Many parents have questions about how, when and what to do while toilet training their children.
There is no magic or correct age to kick off toilet training.

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