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New Parents

As first time parents, you’ll quickly discover that the moment news of your pregnancy reaches everyone, or that baby bump becomes obvious, everyone will want to share everything they know about parenting with you. Don’t worry; it’s okay to feel overwhelmed by all the well-meaning advice – all new parents do! There is a lot to think about when you’re about to start a new family.
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“We are having a baby!” These five simple, little words can raise the blood pressure of almost any living, breathing male on the planet.
Becoming a dad
After Matilda was born, she was immediately placed on Stacey’s chest, I cut the cord (which was much thicker and tougher than it looked), and Matilda impressed me for the first time.
Bonding with kids
I’ve always been a defender of my gender.
The journey into motherhood can be one of the most exciting and daunting life transitions a woman will ever experience, especially for those expecting a baby for the first time.
Breast health
As a mum we all seem to place ourselves a fair way down the ladder when it comes to looking after our own health.
Mother guilt
I was in the middle of sanding and painting our new house when I discovered the two blue lines.
Single parents
Being a single parent can be really hard and sometimes it might seem that you have 2 jobs at the same time.
Single parents changing relationships
Ongoing changes in our traditional family structure have meant we need to constantly rethink what it means to be a family.
Single parent family
Transferring old modes of family functioning after a separation tends not to work.
Health and Wellbeing
Looking after yourself
All your energy and focus is on your newborn right now, and that’s the way nature intended it to be.
Healthy lifestyle tips for new parents
Top tips to help you feel better every day
Can quick food be healthy food?
Well, some would say emphatically “no”, but let’s be real about this.

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