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Dad's Journey

Welcome fellow dads, to "Dad's Journey" where we celebrate the rollercoaster ride that is fatherhood - the laughs, the tears, and everything in between. We'll cover everything from the first trimester, delivery day jitters, life with a newborn and toddler, plus advice from dads who have been there and done that! It's a wild ride, but we'll get through it together. 
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“We are having a baby!” These five simple, little words can raise the blood pressure of almost any living, breathing male on the planet.
Congratulations, you’re with child (or, at least, your partner is) and you’re measuring things in trimesters now. Let's look at what to expect in the 1st trimester!
So, you’re going to be a new dad? I bet you have a few questions! A lot is going to happen over the next nine months so here's the top 8 questions you need answers to.
The first 12 weeks of pregnancy has past, & things feel like they are going back to normal. Strap yourself in & let's look at what dads can expect in the 2nd trimester!
We polled experts and fathers alike to find out what helps dads-to-be. Our tips will help you relax and be prepared to celebrate the birth of your baby.
Father’s Day is a wonderful way to celebrate the important relationship between your child and their dad.
Back in 1987, Australian parents flocked to the cinema to watch Three Men and a Baby – a Hollywood film about three bachelors who suddenly become primary carers.
First-time father? Our experts and dads-in-the-know share their advice so you can better manage these first few months with your newborn.
The early weeks of parenting can be a very one-sided affair. You’re doing a lot of work, sure, but like solo karaoke, feedback is negligible. But now that’s changed, because while baby was previously just kind of there, now they’re a fully engaged live audience: more animated, smiling, and starting to coo and really connect with you. And not just in the chorus bits of Livin’ on a Prayer. It’s time to sing your heart out. Or, at least, to really put in when it comes to engaging your baby back.
Want ideas for some fun activities to do with your 6 month old? From the local library and playground, to simple activities at home, here are 7 ideas for dad and baby.

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