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Toilet training

Are you and your toddler just about ready to say goodbye to nappies for good? If you are, then it’s time to learn more on the subject of toilet training.

At first, toilet training (also known as potty training) can seem a bit overwhelming for you and your little toddler. But when you are both ready, the process can be both rewarding and fun. It can also be a memorable time, as your child is likely to say things about bodily functions that will make you laugh.

For some kids, toilet training seems natural and they sail through the process. For others it can be a journey full of ups and downs.

Toddler development

Toddlers tend to absorb everything going on around them, the good and the bad, including other children’s tricks and tactics. This helps them develop both mentally and physically.

As they progress through the toddler years, they become increasingly independent. They are heaps of fun but can also be challenging from a parenting perspective. Let Huggies offer some help by sharing our insights, knowledge and ideas regarding your little one’s social, physical and emotional development.

Toddler food & feeding

Your baby should be eating chunky food by the age of nine months. Try not to provide soft foods for too long or your bub might become fussy later on. Keep rotating the variety of foods you feed to your toddler and remember that just because they don’t want something one day, it doesn’t mean they won’t eat it the next.

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