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Assisted Pregnancy - IVF

In our instant-gratification world, conceiving a baby is still something that often requires patience, optimism and a lot of waiting.
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Monitoring your Fertility
Fertility monitor
If you’re trying to get pregnant, getting as much information about your own ovulation cycle and identifying those critical fertile days can really help you pinpoint the most likely days for you to get pregnant.
Fertility test
Between ten and fifteen percent of Australian couples who are attempting pregnancy each year will go on and consult their GP with concerns about their fertility and a third of them will be referred to a specialist, according to a recent report from the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Adelaide.
Fertility cycle
Fertility awareness – that is, having a good understanding of your own fertility cycle – can make a significant difference to the amount of time it takes a couple to get pregnant.
How to increase fertility
Increase fertility
Can fertility be increased? If so, what can you do to increase your fertility?
Fertility diet
Getting pregnant is not always easy, but thankfully there are some things that can help the baby making process along, such as food.
Fertility treatment
If you and your partner are both under 35 and have no known health problems related to fertility, most medical professionals will suggest that you try to conceive for twelve months on your own before you even consider fertility treatment.
About your fertility
Male fertility
One in eight Australian couples are described as infertile.
Female fertility
Over 12 percent of Australian couples of reproductive age are affected by infertility and in around 40 percent of cases, it’s because of a problem with female fertility.
Fertility rate
The ‘fertility rate’ refers to the average number of children that are born to a woman who is a member of a particular demographic population, during her reproductive years (internationally these are nominated as the ages between 15 and 44).
Assisted Pregnancy
IVF– or in vitro fertilisation, stands for fertilisation taking place outside a woman’s body under controlled laboratory conditions.

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