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Red carpet

1st birthday invitations

So it is time to roll out the red carpet and start planning bub’s first birthday! Birthday party invitations are a great place to start. A first birthday can be thrilling, but remember the star of the party may be easily overwhelmed. When planning 1st birthday party invitations try to keep the guest list reasonably small.

Top first birthday invitation tips

  • It’s usually sensible to invite immediate family and friends. Remember to either mail or give the birthday invitations out privately if your guest list is short. That way you can avoid unnecessarily hurting peoples feelings.
  • Have a good think about the time you’re choosing to put on the 1st birthday invitation. You really need to schedule it round your bub’s sleep schedule. If they have a long morning nap, then maybe plan it for soon after so they are refreshed and alert. Try to avoid a time of day when you know they’re likely to be tired or out of sorts. This party is for them so plan your invitation time accordingly.
  • Send out the birthday invitations about three weeks in advance. That way if people are working they can book time off. If it is on a weekend it means you’ve got a calendar slot early on!
  • When it comes to choosing 1st birthday invitations you have lots of options. Check out our suggestions here. Remember that you need to make or print one extra birthday party invitation that you keep as a souvenir in bub’s scrapbook.

Information to include on 1st birthday party invitations

Your child’s name.

The date of the party.

The time of the party: Be clear on the start and finish time on your birthday invitation. It should be fairly short, of no more than an hour and a half duration at maximum to avoid bub becoming overtired. A morning birthday party is usually good because it gives everyone involved time to go home and rest and recover!

The address of the party: It’s usually more practical to host a first birthday party at home. That way if they get overwhelmed or upset you can quietly remove them from the situation in an environment they are familiar with.

An alternative venue for hosting your bub’s first birthday that may be appealing is your local park. For more mobile little ones, it gives them space to crawl round or play with local play equipment. If there are any spills or accidents the grass tends to absorb these well and it mimimises your cleaning up duties as well!

At this age parents of other bubs who have been given a party invitation will stay with their bub for the duration of the birthday party. This means they can supervise their own child throughout.

Remember that if you do choose to host the birthday party at an outdoor venue, it is always worth having an alternative indoor venue available as well. There are few things more stressful than bad weather on the day your child’s party is set for, so always have a back up plan in mind! State this clearly on the birthday invitation. For instance: “In case of bad weather on the day, Lucy’s birthday party will be held at 45 Smith Street instead.”

A first birthday party is usually too young an age to book an entertainment venue of any kind. Your bub is simply too small to appreciate it. Save your time and money for when they are older and can enjoy the time running round with their friends.

An RSVP number or email address: Make it clear on the birthday invitation what date you need them to respond by. That way you can plan how much food to prepare and activities as well.

A brief description: If you’re having a themed birthday party let people know on the invitation what kind it is. It gives people time to prepare if they need to whip a costume up or that they need to bring bub’s favourite teddy to the teddy bear’s picnic!

Any other relevant information: It’s always good to welcome siblings at a baby’s birthday parties. For parents with older or younger siblings having to organise babysitters can be a challenge, so be prepared to be flexible with numbers for your little one’s first birthday.

Once you’ve planned out all the details for your little one’s birthday party then get the party invitations out in plenty of time. Remember that for you and your bub this may be the first time you’ve organised a birthday party and it’s their first one!

So try to relax and be flexible when it comes to the invitations. Go light on the guest list and ensure the occasion is a happy one for the birthday bub.