1st birthday poems

A beautiful way to commemorate your bub’s 1st birthday is to write them a birthday poem. You can then keep it stored for them for when they are older. Birthday poems are also a lovely way to record and share your thoughts and feelings about them and to record their milestones for them on their first birthday.

Tips for writing a 1st birthday poem for bub

  • Keep it simple and remember a birthday poem doesn’t have to rhyme. If you would like it to then rhymezone.com is an excellent source for finding rhyming words.
  • Think about the aspects of your bub that are special to you or make them unique in your eyes. It might be the way they need a special blanket at bedtime, or how they love you to sing their favourite lullaby.
  • In your birthday poem, focus on the positive, happy memories you have made with them. “You’re only one, you’ve just begun!”
  • Does your little one have a favourite toy, colour or tv character? You may like to make reference to them in your birthday poem.
  • You may also like to include special milestones like them sitting up or getting their first tooth.
  • If their name has a special meaning, make sure to include this in your birthday poem.
  • Your 1st birthday poem will be the first of a series of poems you may wish to write over the next few years. Remember to store it somewhere safely so you can add to the collection as bub grows.

Sometimes it is helpful to get some inspiration or even use the words that others have written instead. Poetry should be fun. Try these sites for inspiration or ideas: Birthday poems for kids, Happy birthday poems, 1st birthday verses.

You can also start storing up quotes or verses that have special meaning for you to share with bub when they are older. Keep these with the birthday poem you have written for them. It might be a verse or quote from your favourite author or poet. Alternatively it might be a saying your family or a loved one uses. Write it down and store it away. While your little one won’t fully appreciate what you have done in writing them a birthday poem and recording quotes and verses for them, it will prove an amazing keepsake for them to treasure when they are older.