Fanning the Foot & Squeeze Toes Massage

These lovely baby massage strokes are for the feet and toes, which are particularly sensitive parts of the body. Watch for cues that your baby is enjoying it. Some babies don’t enjoy ticklish sensations while others think it’s hilarious. It should be obvious how your baby feels about it from the noises he or she makes.

Encourage your partner and other family members to learn these massage techniques, too, so they can also enjoy these bonding exercises with your baby. Get them started by sending them the links to Huggies baby massage and yoga

Fanning the foot & squeeze toes massage

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Fanning the foot & squeeze toes massage step by step

  • Sit cross-legged on your rug or mat with your baby lying on their back in front of you

If you haven’t already done so during this session:

  • Ask your baby’s permission to do the massage
  • If baby appears happy, chant Om 3 times while you gaze into their eyes

Fanning the foot

  • Pour some massage oil into your hand and rub between palms
  • Using your thumbs, fan up the sole of your baby’s foot from the heel to the toes, one thumb following the other
  • Move up to the pad beneath baby’s toes
  • Uncurl the toes by kissing the tops of them or stroke them lightly like a feather
    • Often babies’ toes are tightly curled. This is a reflex action

Squeeze the toes

This is the perfect time to recite the classic nursery rhyme “This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home?”

  • Gently squeeze or roll each of your baby’s toes between your thumb and index finger
  • Give each toe a gentle tug
  • Now repeat the moves to your baby’s right foot, beginning with fanning the foot and then squeeze the toes
  • Finish by gently holding your baby’s toes

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