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Queen Elizabeth 2nd Family Centre

Queen Elizabeth 2nd Family Centre

The Canberra Mothercraft Society manages the Queen Elizabeth 2 Family Centre, which is based in the suburb of Curtin in Canberra, ACT. This residential centre provides support for families who need assistance with their children aged up to the child’s 3rd birthday. Families are supported to form their own goals and work within their own skills and abilities.

Staff form a multidisciplinary team with child and family health nurses, counselors, doctors and other health professionals providing specialized support to families. A referral from a health professional or supporting agency is necessary before admission can be arranged. Families need to meet certain criteria for admission. Alternately, another support service in the community is organized.

Services Provided by QE 2 Centre:

  • The residential program runs for 5 days and 4 nights. Each family is supported with a focus on their individual goals and what will work for them and their child. QE 2 is a publicly funded hospital and, in addition, receives funding through donations. Parents and children with a Medicare card are covered for admission costs though there is an option of using private health insurance if covered. There is a boarding charge for partners, support persons or siblings who stay.
  • Support is offered for families with issues relating to their child’s feeding, nutrition, development and behaviour.
  • Support for babies with a disordered sleeping pattern which is impacting on themselves and their family. Unsettled babies whose parents need support and guidance to encourage them to sleep.
  • Support for mothers with mood disorders.
  • Support for families with special needs, babies with failure to thrive or behavioural difficulties.

Other Services Provided by Canberra Mothercraft Society:

  • Day Stay is a service which is provided for babies aged 4 months and under. This service supports parents with issues relating to breastfeeding, sleep and settling and general parentcrafting.
  • Lactation Clinic provides breastfeeding advice and support by Community Health.
  • Sleep Groups are available in community based primary health services. If this support is not sufficient, a referral to QE 11 for a residential stay can be arranged.
  • Grandparents support and education groups are run monthly at Marymead Child and Family Centre. There is also a Grandparents Stories group and a Grand Jugglers Circus Program.
  • Relaxing into Parenting Program is offered for first time parents. This is a course of seven 2 hour sessions and is run by a social worker and midwife in a primary health centre.

Community Health Child Health Clinics:

  • All families with children in ACT can use the community child health clinics. Maternal and child health nurses with expertise in childhood growth and development provide checks at regular intervals through a child’s life.
  • Education, support and guidance are offered as required.
  • Child Health checks are provided free of charge. No appointment is necessary for drop in consultations at MACH (Maternal and Child Health Clinics), which last on average, 15-20 minutes.
  • For longer visits, a pre-booked appointment service is also available. See below for contact number.
  • MACHs are located at various suburban locations within north, south and central districts.

Contact Details for QE 11 Centre:

Central Booking number for access to maternal and child health nurses, Family Care Centre and QE 2, phone ACT Health and Community Health Intake Service on (02) 62079977.

Contact Details for Community Health Clinics:

Phone 02 62079977 from 8am-6pm on weekdays.

Telephone Information and Support for Parenting:

For afterhours parenting support and assistance, contact healthdirect Australia on 1800 022 222.

For more information check www.cmsinc.org.au

For more information see Baby settling or Baby Care