The Hills Parenting Centre

The Hills Parenting Centre:

The Hills Parenting Centre is located in Baulkham Hills NSW. It offers a mobile home visiting service where families are supported in their own homes. This is an alternative to staying at a residential centre when it is not an option.
The Hills Parenting Centre is designed as a specialty parenting centre to support parents with young children aged from birth to 5 years of age. Support is offered for a range of issues including, sleep, behaviour, nutrition and development. Staff come from a variety of different health care disciplines. Registered nurses, midwives, lactation consultants, counsellors, psychotherapists and a masseuse form part of the professional staff mix.
There is a cost to parents for any of the services offered. Fees vary according to the service provided and are discussed at the time of booking a service. Most of the services provided are available within a week of first contact.

Services Offered by The Hills Parenting Centre:

  • Day Stay Home Visiting is available 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Saturday.
  • Night Stay Home Visits are also available where a health professional stays overnight and provides one on one guidance and support.
  • Support is offered in caring for a newborn baby, in particular issues relating to sleep, feeding, managing reflux, lactation and weaning.
  • Toddler behaviour, sleep and settling issues, routine management and night waking are common areas which require support.
  • Lactation Consultancy is a specialty service for breastfeeding mothers who require a more intensive form of support and guidance with feeding issues.
  • A Well Baby Clinic is held one morning per week. Appointments are necessary for this specialty service which addresses growth and development.
  • Saturday Service is available for parents who are limited by work commitments through the week.
  • Toddler Management targets issues which relate specifically to this age group.
  • After Hours Services are available outside business hours or on public holidays.
  • Follow-up Care is available for all clients who require ongoing assistance and support.

Topics Covered in Parenting Groups:

  • Preparing For Your New Baby
  • New Parent’s Network
  • Child Safety, Child First Aid and Basic Resuscitation
  • Sleep Baby Sleep
  • Toddlers: Big Engines. Small Brakes
  • Well Baby Clinic

Parenting Groups are held at:

105 Showground Road
Castle Hill 2154. Telephone: 9659 7760

Contact Details for The Hills Parenting Centre:

Phone: (02) 9639 1187
Email: [email protected]
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