Meditation to get pregnant

When planning to conceive a baby, it can help to keep an open mind. Even if you've never considered meditation until now, think of pregnancy planning as a time of discovery and exploration. After all, meditation to get pregnant can t hurt and perhaps it may even boost your fertility.

Be mindful that there is little if any scientific evidence proving that meditation has a direct effect on enhancing fertility and the chances of conceiving. Though it would be very nice to think that it could, meditation cannot directly influence ovulation, conception or implantation of an embryo. It's fair to say that in conjunction with other strategies, meditation probably does have a place in supporting overall health and perhaps even in an indirect way, a woman's fertility as well.

Check here for more information from Huggies about conception.

What We Know to be True

When done effectively, meditation does have a role to play in lowering blood pressure, boosting psychological stability, slowing heart rate and reducing stress levels. And it can also reduce the production of cortisol and other stress hormones which can influence fertility.

Deep, rhythmical breathing can also help to supply all the body's cells with oxygen as well as reduce tension and muscle fatigue.

Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation to any of us are considerable. Meditation helps to enhance mindfulness and being in the moment , something we could all do with more of. Yoga can also bring benefits and shares many similar mindfulness benefits.

Meditation helps to block out much of the external stimuli which saps our energy and draws attention away from what we want to be doing and should be doing. As a plus, meditation helps to build a sense of connection between our mind, body and spirit so that (potentially) our immune status is better supported.

Meditation also helps to foster feelings of control. In our busy and stressful lives, taking time to just sit and be still, to not move but just centre ourselves in a small bubble of calm can only be good and bring worthwhile benefits.

But I Can t Meditate!

Have you ever caught yourself miles away , mentally being somewhere other than where you physically are? All of us have had this experience; even young children vague out at times, particularly when they are tired.

Having these little daydreams is just another form of meditation and already sets the basis for developing skills in developing a deeper level of conscious relaxation. So think of meditation as just another way of taking your thoughts to a calmer place, a mental spa of sorts, where you can become reenergized and generally more peaceful.

How to Meditate

Find a comfortable place to sit, either on a chair, on the floor or on a sofa. Just be aware that if you're too comfortable you may drift off to sleep. Although this is the ultimate in relaxation, the point of meditation is that you're still awake and conscious.

Make sure you are wearing comfortable and loose clothing. Natural fibres are ideal as they allow better air flow and absorb perspiration. You may find that you prefer to meditate naked and doing this helps with feeling unencumbered and being completely at ease.

Take some deep cleansing breaths and try to clear your mind. This can be difficult but don t stress about it. If thoughts come into your mind just acknowledge them and allow them to flow out again. Tell yourself that these thoughts will pass and you'll deal with them later. Focus on your breathing as you inhale and exhale and for now, in this place and time, make your breathing your one and only priority.

Some women visualize their in breath as a particular colour such as blue or green. They imagine this colour then flowing into every cell in their body bringing energy, peace, vitality and light. On their out breath, the colour changes and with this, toxins and stress hormones are carried away from their body. This can take a bit of imagination, so if you're more of a realist or think mostly in terms of black and white, perhaps the colour option isn t for you. There's no harm in trying though!

Pick a time when you don t have other pressing commitments. For most busy women, 30 minutes is an ideal time frame to aim for in a single daily meditation session.

Remember, it's not the duration of time invested into meditation but the quality of the session which counts.

With practice you'll find that you'll more quickly reach a state of deep calm, inner peace and relaxation.

Meditation for Couples

If you are timing intercourse to coincide with your ovulation, then you could meditate before or after sex. Some couples, who are trying to conceive, meditate together and feel that their combined mental energies boost their chances of conception. Even if this does not help in a direct way, it brings positive benefits to the relationship through shared and unified goals. It can also help with communication and boosting connection, both of which are necessary to feel like having sex in the first place.

No matter how much you meditate or how clever you become at doing it, ultimately, having a baby relies on sexual intercourse or alternately, some form of fertility assistance. Check here for more information on IVF conception.

When trying to conceive, it's important to consider your partner's needs as well; they are investing much more than just an egg or sperm into the equation. Check here for more information about male fertility and here for details on female fertility.

Your Conception Mantra Word

It may help to think of a word which holds importance for you and which you can repeat continually through your meditation session. This is known as a Japa – a spiritual discipline which involves chanting the same word repetitively when meditating.

There is no one right Japa to use during meditation to get pregnant. However, many women choose to use the name they have chosen for their future baby or alternate between their boy or girl name. Words such as strength , strong , control , fertile , baby are also popular, but ultimately, what you choose is up to you.

Some women use names or words with a Biblical or spiritual reference; others will pray or recite poetry. It really doesn t matter which word/s you choose as long as they do not incite feelings of stress but help you to feel calm and centered. This really is the key to success when it comes to using meditation to get pregnant.

Importantly, be creative about what is right for you as an individual and tailor your meditation sessions to suit your own philosophies and lifestyle.

Pregnancy Affirmations

A focus on being positive also helps when doing meditation. It will also be useful to think mindfully about what you to achieve and how you see yourself in the future e.g. being pregnant. Check this for more Huggies information about fertility.

Many people believe that we create our own destinies by attracting positive or negative energy into our lives. In a nutshell, being the person which we hope to become all starts with a positive mindset and clear goal setting. Negative energy is considered draining and cyclic, stopping forward progression so that we stay stuck in a rut and never really get to where we want to go. This has all sorts of repercussions in terms of our sense of purpose but also leads to feelings of frustration and resentment.

Meditation is thought to clear mental energy so that if flows freely without the hindrance of blockages. And when this mental imagery is transferred to the organs and tissues involved in conception e.g. the ovaries and fallopian tubes, then it does make some kind of sense doesn t it? Check here for more information.

Imagine the feeling of what is means to be pregnant, having your baby moving inside you and what your baby may be experiencing. All of this visualisation is very powerful and supports the hypothesis that we need to tap into our creative energies in order to live our lives to their greatest potential.

It could also help to develop some positive affirmations such as I will get pregnant , I will be having a baby , I am going to be a mother and then visualising yourself holding your baby in your arms. Imagine how they will look but also their smell, the sounds they will make, how they feel in your arms and what they may be feeling. Bringing all this positive energy into your life can only be helpful.

But be mindful that what can be visualised during a meditation session is not real. It's important to separate what is factual from what is desired; the two can be very different.

What Can Help With Meditation to Get Pregnant?

When first starting out with meditation it can really help to be guided through the steps of what's involved by using CDs or apps. It's common to develop favourites – many resonate on some individual level so that they become the preferred option during meditation sessions.

Think about your other senses as well. Meditation to get pregnant can be enhanced by using an essential oil burner, dimming the lights to a low setting, ensuring a cool and comfortable ambient temperature and minimising external noise as much as possible.

You may just want to listen to some relaxation or instrumental music. The key is to create an environment which is conducive to calm and peace and inner tranquility. If hearing whale or rainforest music sets your teeth on edge then don t feel you need to tolerate either. There are lots of different options.

Have a buddy to share your meditation sessions. Invite your partner or a friend to join you or consider joining a group. Investigate what's available in your local area by checking local papers, doing Google searches and speaking with other parents.

Do some research into what's available in terms of CDs, videos and apps. All the large music and department stores have a diverse range on offer. You can also investigate your local library and relaxation centre for resources which may suit you. Check here for some ideas.

And when you do conceive, don t forget to check the Huggies Week by Week Pregnancy Calendar for a great range of pregnancy related information.

This article was written by Jane Barry, freelance parenting consultant, copywriter and director of

Jane Barry Jane Barry
Written By Jane Barry
15/09/21 - min Read

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