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Anna Robards

Latest Updated on 20/12/2023

About Anna Robards

Anna Robards nee Heinrich is one of Australia’s most beloved and popular media personalities. First appearing on our screens as the winner of the first season of The Bachelor, she has since become a major force as a media presenter and brand ambassador. Anna is also an entrepreneur as the founder and owner of successful health and wellness brand INUTU WELLNESS. She is married to Tim Robards and they have a daughter Elle, and are expecting baby number 2 in 2024.


Q&A with Anna Robards

How has being a mother changed you as a person?

Becoming a mother has profoundly changed me as a person. It's a transformational experience that shifts your entire perspective on life. Suddenly, the focus shifts from yourself to the well-being and happiness of your child. This transition has taught me resilience, patience, and the skill of balancing the various demands of life that has significantly increased with motherhood.

From the outside, your life seems pretty glamorous. What’s motherhood really like behind the scenes?

Chaotic. There is never a dull moment, and rest becomes a rare luxury. Like everyone else, there are highs and lows, and there are days when you're just trying to make it through. The reality of motherhood is far from the glamorous image often portrayed from the outside, but at the same time, I do like to dress up when I get the chance ;)

How are you feeling about going from one baby to two? Is there anything that makes you feel nervous or anxious?

I feel a little overwhelmed about transition. Many people have warned me that it's more challenging to go from one child to two than from none to one. While I believe I am prepared to a degree, from my experience with one child, I've also come to understand that no amount of advice or preparation fully equips you with having children.

Is this pregnancy different from the first one?

This pregnancy is quite similar to my first. The environment and circumstances have changed, as I now own a business, have a child, and have a more demanding schedule due to not being in lockdown. During my first pregnancy, I had more time for downtime, while now I'm attempting to navigate the demands of a full-on everyday life alongside pregnancy.

Elle will be a big sister very soon, and you are having another girl. How have you been preparing your first child for the arrival of their little sister?

We have been consistently reminding Elle that she will soon be a big sister and emphasising how wonderful she will be in that role. We are also redesigning her room to accommodate a bigger bed and a more grown-up room, making her feel like a big sister.

How do you think Elle is going to react?

Elle is an energetic and expressive little girl, and we anticipate hearing all about it if she doesn't immediately embrace her little sister haha. However, she is also a very caring and affectionate little girl, so we hope she will be just that to her sister.

There’s a lot to buy when you have a baby. What are the top essential items you could not do without?

At the moment, we haven't made many new purchases aside from nappies, as we have held onto most of Elle’s things. This makes the process a bit easier, given that we expect another girl.

Why did you trust Huggies as your nappy of choice for Elle?

Huggies initially became our preferred choice when they were the first nappies Elle used in the hospital. We continued with Huggies for the first few months before experimenting with other brands. We found that none matched Huggies regarding fit, absorption, and avoiding skin irritations. After a brief exploration, we returned to Huggies and have remained loyal ever since.

Why is skincare for your baby vital to you?

It's vital to prioritise skincare for your little one, as their skin is significantly thinner, up to 30% thinner than adult skin. Because of this, their delicate skin can be more prone to irritation. Therefore, choosing the proper skincare and nappies is crucial for protecting your child's skin.

Why are you excited for your new bub to wear the new Huggies nappy with a zinc enriched layer*?

I'm incredibly excited about the new Huggies zinc enriched layer*. A line I never thought I’d say ;) It has a clinically proven layer that protects against irritation and helps maintain a healthy skin pH. Zinc oxide, commonly found in nappy rash creams, helps protect against irritants. It's like creating a barrier between you and your baby, which is reassuring.

What is the best advice you have received about parenthood? OR What advice do you have for parents?

To be patient and flexible while also embracing the chaotic and unpredictable nature of raising children. For other parents, I would encourage them to trust their instincts and seek support when needed. It's essential to take care of yourself while caring for your little one.

*Contains zinc as zinc oxide. This claim is based on a clinical study conducted at an independent laboratory, using adult skin as a suitable substitute for baby skin. Results showed significantly less irritation when using liner with Huggies®️ Zinc Enriched layer vs control.