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feb 2008 babies Lock Rss


I also had a baby on the 28th Feb but it was a little girl Claire. she was 4.4kg 9lb 13oz big girl.

Hope all is going well with him
Is he you ist child

Reeba , Vic,

Hi, my daughter Lily also was born on the 28th Feb at 1:28am. I had a 2.5 hour labour after being induced (10 days overdue). I describe my labour fast and furious! she weighed 8lb 4oz (3.7kg).

she is doing really well, not sleeping through yet but she can sit up on her own and crawl around in circles and off her play mat. i think she will be up and away very soon and then i will have to chase her around the house! she loves her jolly jumper and is a really happy, smily baby. i acant imagine life without her.

Hello everybody,
just a quick update on emily!
She is a beautiful girl, she yabbers all the time, still boobie feeds but loves solids. We are eating all sorts of things now. For a couple of months she has been sick with colds and had slowly snuck into my bed but yesterday i finally decided to gain control, This is day two for her sleeping in her cot. I dont let her cry too much, ive just taught her that thats were she will fall asleep, she was getting abit heavy to rock. Hope she will progress to sleeping on her own with out me in the room, we will see.fingers crossed. Emily sits on her own and gives us kisses. how cute. loving having a 7mth old and looking forward to more. Oh no teeth yet!
take care Nikki
Hi Everyone

Its been a while since i have posted in here. My little man Brayden is almost 7 months (born 28/02) and WOW what a 7 months they have been! Brayden has 5 teeth!! and is starting to bite me I am taking upon the huge task of weaning him. Should be fun tongue

He can crawl and pull himself up onto furniture and walk around that. He can sit unassisted and has recently started with the mummummummum and bubbubbub...which is soo cute grin

Looking forward to talking to you all again grin


Hi All,
I am a first time mum...i had a beautiful baby boy named Isaac He was born on the 22nd Feb 08 at 12.35pm and weighed 7 pound 14 Oz (3.5kg) and he was 52cm.
Labour was okay...went for 12 hours...had all of the drugs...i found the epidural to be fantastic...didnt feel a thing after that!
Isnt it amazing and yet so overwhelming and scary being a dont know whether you are doing the right thing or feeding them solids correctly...but lots and lots of fun..wouldnt change it for the world.

Hope that all of your bubs are doing well and that all mummy's are still sane and not too sleep deprived
Hi All, I'm a first time mum too. Cohen was born 25th Feb 08 at 5:35am after a long labour, he was posterior transverse and was in distress so I had an emerg c-sect. He weighed 6lb 4oz.
Cohen is sitting unassisted but I still put cushions around him. He only has 1 bottom tooth at this stage but seems to be teething again with the other bottom tooth and possibly top two.
He's always been a great night sleeper and I have him in a good routine for his day naps now (thank god).

I've recently started a health kick, well trying to. Thought this might make me feel better and have more energy for him.

Have a good day all.

Hi all... just an update, you've probably forgotten me haha..

Tia and Ava are 7 n half months now still breastfed and having 3 solid meals a day + formula top up at night... they're such little chubbas!! Almost sitting unassisted and no teeth yet but I'm sure they're coming!!!

bye for now
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Delayed I know, but I've just joined...Our precious little bundle was born on Feb 10th at 9.23pm, 3.4Kg, a healthy little girl, Zaliah Isabelle.
Hi everybody

My precious little girl, Paige Makayla was born on 24 February 2008. She is an absolute bundle of joy, sitting up unassisted and loves to stand and lean on things, not interested in trying to crawl. No teeth yet, but her gums are swollen ... looking forward to a little surprise one morning. Loving being a mum more than anything.

I hope everyone and their babies are doing wonderfully.

Hi girls,

My bubba was born Feburary 12th 2008, at 9lbs 8oz 54cms long, and i only had 6 weeks to prepare.....being from an Italian family, i thought id be punished for it, but my family have been the total opposite, they are the best grandparents (even though being hesitant at the start)and even give me some time on my own every now and again.

Its the best surprise to ever happen to me and has changed my life, I could never see myself without my baby girl, FILIPPA LILLA.

Im only 20, and I still have my moments, espcailly raising Filippa all by myself because her father doesnt want to know her, but now i see the benefit in that, why should he know her if he doesnt pay anything and she doesnt need such a negative father trying to raise her, he doesnt even know how to look after himself.

~~FILIPPA LILLA~~ 12 - 02 -08 ~~

Hi All

better late then never, my baby boy was born 17th
Feb at 8lb 12 1/2 oz, and still growing at a rate of knots. We named him Jye Ethan baby brother to Tomas (just turned 4) Is sitting unaided but would prefer to stand, desprately trying to crawl and has just cut tooth number 5. It only this bub new how to sleep everything would be perfect.

Hope all mums and bubs are well

Sheree - mum to Tomas & Jye

hi everyone I've just joined my bubs is now 8 months, he was born on feb. 24 weighed 6lb 7 and is now 22 and a halflbs. He is doing great for only being breastfed as I have done with all 4 boys, great not having to prepare formula.
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