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feb 2008 babies Lock Rss

hello everyone how are you all? hope all your bubs are doing well.keegan is cutting his first tooth (finally)he's pretty grumpy but hopefully that will pass soon.he has been saying dad dad for a while now but still no mum.
talk soon

hi all, emily is growing very fast, 9mths, wow its flown. She has additude, she is a bad sleeper and now a biting breastfed baby, ive tryd to bottle feed her but she wont be in it. Emily is crawling everywhere and is into everything, she loves eating fruit and loves being outside.She says a few words but yabbers jiberish all the time. well talk soon

A update on my little Chels, She now has 2 teeth she seems to be teasing us with the next, everytime it looks like she is teething nothing comes through LOL. She has started to crawl and loves to stand up and lean against things. Chels is really into her vegies and fruit. She also sleeps badly at night though sad, maybe one day.
Growing and changing everyday - no longer a little baby.

Take care all


hi girls

i beta update since i haven't been on here 4 awhile, April has not long turnd 9months, she has been crawling since 8months, she taught herself to sit up from crawl, still no teeth come thu sad April loves her food and everything else that she can get her hands onto, to eat, even shoes!
April is such a great sleeper, but she has been really good from the start. We jst got married in the weekend and that was gona be a real tester for us, to see how April would react with strangers and she was just fine:)
We had plunket today and April now weighs 11.76kgs n 74cm. I'm happy with the weight that she has put on, only 1kg in month an 1/2, even tho the plunket lady was a bit rude about it sad

How is everyone else doing?
Hi All,
Thought I'd pop in since I haven't in a while.

Congrats on your wedding shnugims!!

Cohen is not crawling yet, but everyday I see him trying to get into position from sitting to tummy. If I prop his legs under him for him he'll rock for a while. Oh yeah, but he crawls/pushes himself backwards, very funny. He loves standing and if you try and sit him down he'll lock his little legs, lol.
He has 3 teeth now, he is cross cutting so has one eye tooth and the other one is ready to cut any day now!(hopes) So all he wants for xmas is his two front teeth, lol.
Weighed him yesterday and he was only 9.2kg, which scarily enough hasn't gained much weight at all since 7 months. The nurse wasn't too worried and I'm not. Everything was in the 50th percentile. He def looks healthy. Bit of a contrast to your nurse hey shnugims??

Getting nervous about looking for work early next year and putting Cohen in daycare, don't know who'll cry more.

Well, hope everyone is good and bubs is well too smile

hi everyone, its been a while since I last posted too, my wee miss is 10 months now, crawling everywhere and standing by herself, she tries to walk but can only manage to get half a foot off the ground, she prefers walking holding on to something to crawling and is into everything, loves following her sisters around everywhere and has even managed to navigate the front door so had to get a door barrier.
she has 8 teeth and bites me when she is teething, still hardly sleeps but she is such a delightful little girl and we are really enjoying this stage.
Hi Everyone

My bubs was born Feb 23rd after almost 7 hours of labour. Her name is Imogen Jayne and she weighed 4.12kg and was 53cm. I was a week late and was to be induced on the 25th, i was so happy when it all happened naturally. I had a really good labour (no pain relief) but i'm in no rush to do it again tho. I absolutely love being a mum, its the most wonderful thing in the world and i love Imogen to bits! She is now almost 10 months old, and i'm still breastfeeding. She has cut 6 teeth and i've only been bitten twice! Very happy about that! Imogen has been crawling for about a month now which has helped a lot when it comes to food. I was struggling with solids but since she started moving i can't seem to fill her up! Everything is such a learning curve, i'm still unsure about a few things. It'd be nice to chat to a few other mum's tho, i don't have many new mum's around here to talk babies with. Most of my information i get from books, and sometimes they are no help at all! I hope everyone is enjoying motherhood.
hey mums,

Ive only just started on this site, i had my little girl (Haiden Maree) on the 5th feb. I was 35 weeks pregnant and had to have an emergency c-section. Haiden was in distress, all the doctors went into a panic when they pulled out a baby that weighed only 980grams. We were flown to Flinders where we spent 5 weeks. Haiden is amazing, she beat all the odds, she never needed any oxygen or anything, just need to grow. doctors decided that i had had pre eclempsa.
To look at her now you wouldn't think that she is the same baby, shes a picture of health. she still only weighs 6.7kgs (tiny) but she talks and crawls and is almost walking, she has been meeting all milestones when shes meant to, some before time.
I am a first time mum, and i count every day a blessing that my baby girl is here with us, even when shes being a cheeky little monster.
She however is a bad sleeper, i think its because i'd been holding her while she slept for so long. i still have to put her to sleep and then normally she wakes up after i put her down. if anyone has any suggestion that would be great, i dont like doing the controlled crying techique.
love to here from mums. thankyou for letting me tell my story.


hi, hope everyone had a great christmas and new wee poppit started walking a week before christmas and hasnt stopped so our holidays have been pretty full on, she is getting really fast now, we took our family camping and they all had a great time out in the fresh air and sunshine but we are home now and looking foward to the rest of the holidays before school starts up again...
hi all, well i nearly forgot about this site! too busy. Emily is great, She is walking everywhere, started three weeks ago and is saying a few words, has 4 teeth, starting to wean off boobie(thank god) loves swimming , outside play and shrek, (dont know why!)Emy is still a rotten sleeper and ive just given up trying to keep her in routine, she goes with the flow. lol.god love her she has a mind of her own! anyway its nice to read a few post and catch up.
take care.
Hi! I just found out about this forum. My son, Kimi, will turn 1 on the 28th of Feb. We are busy preparing for his big day at the moment. His 8th teeth has just cut through. He had teeth a bit late (started 9th month) but they came out almost at the same time, all 8 in less than 3 months. It must be very itchy and uncomfortable - he is biting our face when he kisses us.

He now starts to take a few steps on his own and learns to balance himself better. Can't wait for him to start walking.

How are you preparing for your bubs birthday?

Just a update on Chelsea, she turned 1 on Saturday it was a great day lots of fun, just a family affair. She new something was going on because she got up early that morning lol.

She has 6 teeth, chatters all the time has a good selection of words she can say and is teetering on walking - we just keep holding our breath and waiting for the day.

Still has alot of tummy troubles, we found out late she was lactose intolerant and she has a enzyme missing that breaks down protein so she can't tolerate meat, fish, chn etc. If anyone else has this problem let me know how you deal with it please. At the moment we are seeking dietician advice to make sure we get enough iron etc into her body.

Take care


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