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feb 2008 babies Lock Rss

hi all
hope everyone had a good christmas.Keegan is one on friday,i cant wait,he has finally got 2 teeth.he crawls everywhere and stands up on things now,and he loves to climb,although gives me a heart attack most of the time.he says mum,dad,pop,bub,hello,boat,nan and makes some animal sounds.still is a bad sleeper at night but im learning to cope with it now.

hello all

April n I would like to wish everyone a happy birthday for when it is. April just turnd 1 on thrusday, it was so fun, we got to eat heaps of party food smile
we finally got sum teeth just after her turnin 11 months n 2nd @ 11 1/2months, we took our 1st step round 11 1/2months and now is walking heaps.

how is everyone else going?

I was just wondering if I could join? My little boy Harry turned one on February 7th.

My name is Courtney.


hey all how are you? just found out keegan has got asthma and needs to be on the nebulizer every 4 hrs.and its making him so aggro

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