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feb 2008 babies Lock Rss

hi ladies, nice to see there is more feb mums and bubs. Well emily is going great, im having so much fun with her now, she can hold her head up really well. She sleeps 7 hrs a night but last night she slept 9. Breastfeeding is going well. Emily is recognising her little sister witch is nice to watch. Still havnt had the needles, lots of colds in this house.Emily had a moler sticking out side her gumb, has anybody else ever experienced this?
hope you all have a great day, talk soon

sorry its taken so long to get back to you, im very busy. My labour was great, hardly felt most of my contractions, to my surprise i was 8 cm by the time i got to the hospital, after they checked me i went to the toilet and my water broke, thats when i had massive contractions, about 4 of them and then she was born, very fast!!!No stitches but i thing i have injurys inside.I was amazed to have had such a great labour, i was so scared.If i didnt have 5 kids then i would do it all again in a second. I might even have another who knows!!
hows keegan?[Edited on 05/05/2008]
[Edited on 05/05/2008]
hi all...My little man was born 11th feb after a long 24 hours then c-section. Everything is fantastic with him, but i am just wondering what others are dressing their bubs in for bedtime during cold nights,,,,i am worried about him being cold, yet too hot.

Hi lisamaree09
i am dressing emily in long sleave, no leg suit and then at about 9.30, 10 when she is fast asleep i put her in her sleeping bag that is abit big for her but just covers her little fingers to keep them warm. I did use mittens and still will when it gets colder, and then i cover her but only with a sheet and blanket, light blanket.The bag is good because she stays warm when i take her out to feed her., hope that helps
Hi Everyone...

I gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Chelsea.. born on Feb 26th at 3:31pm, weighing 7Ib 10oz... Crazy enough born on my dad's birthday, only 42 years and 4 mins apart between them.. hahaha

HI Keegsmum, Wot I would do for for Aden to sleep from 8pm till 1 or 2am. I hope your bub sleeps thru the nite soon.
Hi Asha13,
Last nite Aden slept in 3hrly intervals, so I hope we are slowly getting Don't know about you, but I could sure do with a weeks worth of good sleep. lol..

Happy Mothers day to all. x
Hello there,

I was lucky enough to become first time mum to twins on 23/feb/08 ending a 38wk uneventful pregnancy. After about 3 days of induced "false labor" doctors finally decided I needed an emergency c-section after I had to whinge and complain to get one (I wanted one a week before). Tia (twin a) was born at 11.45pm weighing 2690g and Ava (twin b) entered the world bum first at 11.47pm weighing in at 2710g.

The first month was really hard obviously because I have 2 lol, but I have an untapped supply of family support and have been living with my parents due to my partner working in the mines 8 days out of every fortnight.

My girls are almost 3 months old now and are powering on both just over 5kg and loving their boobyfeeds! (both are fully breastfed) It gets easier and easier everyday and they really are good, content little babies.

=) Kristy


hi everybody, hope all your bubs are growing and happy. Emily is having her needle finally today! poor bubba.

Kristy , hi, its fantastic that you are feeding both of them, You are so lucky to have so much support.So were bubs born via c.section or natural?: A bit confused by the bum first bit?

take care all, talk soon
hi there i just found this huggies thing what a awsum idea!! i had a little boy on the 16/02 weighing 3.7kg a nice healthy weight lol

he is now 13 weeks old and weighs 6.4kg so am very happy with the weight gain but they really grow up fast i mis the little baby lol.

just wondering does anyone know a round about time they start moving? i know everyone tells me not to rush him cuz ill wish he wasnt once he gets here but im just curious how long ive got till he starts being on the go
hi kaidens mum, 6.4kg, he is a fatty like my Emily, she was 6.75kg a week and a bit ago, im keen to weigh her again soon, boobie milk is great for her.
moving, do you mean crawling? from about 6mths eariest, all bubs are different but Emily is kicking and throwing her arms around alot now, she loves sitting in the bath and splashing with her hands.
take care, talk soon. nikki
Hi i had a baby girl named Lilly on the 20th feb. she was born at 1.41 in the morning and weighed 8pounds 1oz after a 6hr labour. she is a little sister to ashley who turned 2 on monday.(he loves her to bits but is a bit too helpful sometimes.) she has been sleeping from 7.30 till 6-7 since she was 5 weks old but she is a real mummys girl. just wants to be in my arms then shes happy. hope you are all going well with your babys. x
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