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feb 2008 babies Lock Rss

oh ok thanks i thought they ment to be doing more than that by now lol he is kicking and thrwing his hands around loves his play gym.
Kaiden is on formula unfortanitly(i cant spell) he wouldnt latch so i spent 4 weeks expressing and bottle feeding him,which ment for very longnights lol then i dried up so better luck with my next one i hope smile
HI Everyone! I havent been in this section in ages and I feel bad sad How is everyone's bubs doing? Brayden is growing so fast, smiling giggling and even rolling over! (well only one way) He is almost 3 months old and is a pretty good baby. Slept for 8 hrs the other night..hasn't done it again lol but i know he will.

Hope to hear from you all soon and that you are all doing well grin

Steph and brayden xo

hahah nikki the bum first comment was regarding ava was born breeched lol and the girls were born by emergency c-section, although i was under general anesthetic and missed out on the entire thing... I met my babies 4 hours later at about 4ish the next morning


hey everyone,

just found this tread.... great idea.

I had my little man, Jordan, on 25th Feb, 9.01am weighing
8 14lbs 17 hours of labour. Even tho it was the worst pain ever it was all worth it when the doc put him on my tummy and i heard his little cry and saw his adorable little face and perfect body for the first time.

He is now 3mths old and changing everyday, we just love him to bits and he has just started sleeping thru the night, yay,
he giggled for the first time last week, he was laughing so much he had tears in his eyes, was sooo cute.
I love watching him grow and learn new things everyday, motherhood is the best thing i have ever done.

take care everyone and hope to catch up with you all soon


oh, 4 hrs later! are they your first bubs, how wonderful to have twins, are the identical?How is your tummy, are you better, i had a c.section with my first daughter, she was breech, naughty baby!lol.
Hi steph, glad your going so well.
Emily has been sleeping 7 hrs for about a month so i think you might get lucky and get those hrs again! Are you still breastfeeding him.Emily hasnt rolled yet and only a half a giggle but she squeles all the time!lol
Hi everybody
Congrats on fab Feb babes!

My gorgeous little boy Caleb was born 21st Feb 4.06kg 52cm after a wonderful birth!
he's now 64cm! and 6.1kg so a big boy!
Have been very lucky with a good baby he sleeps eats throws up giggles throws up burbles throws up plays with toys throws up then sleeps again (he has reflux but it doesn't bother him)

oh nikki which sleeping bag do you use as I'm looking at getting one as Caleb has started to kick off bed clothes.

hi sarah, congrats on your boy Caleb .Emily was great to give birth to too.. Emily also vomits quite abit.Just go to target or best and less , they have nice ones,
Hi all welcome to all the new peoples in here smile my lil man is now on solids for breakfast and dinner he was demanding 200ml(formula) 2 hourly!! giving him a sore tummy so have put him on baby rice he loves it and the best thing he sleeps from 6pm till 7.30am so this is great, i know he not ment to have it till 4months but he is so much happier. anyone elses wee ones on solids yet?
hi every body,
well Emily has been abit sick with a cold.Its hard to keep colds away from them,
Kaidens mummy, hi im glad you have found something to settle him, its much easier with a settled bubba.

Has anybody got a toddler as well?
My daughter is a bundle of energy and i can see Emily is taking it all in and i think im in for double trouble!!! lol
yea it is hard to keep colds away from them kaiden has had a couple of litle ones.sounds like yr going to be very busy soon with yr lil one having someone to follow round smile
Hi, yeah ive been giving lilly solids rice cereal from 8 weeks old(just once a day) and shes been fine. it just fills her up that bit more for the night time. she sleeps from 7pm till 7am. i did it with my first as well and it didnt seem to harm him. watever works i reckon. x
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