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feb 2008 babies Lock Rss

hey ladies how is everyone's feb bubs.keegan is great,he is starting to play alot more now and is starting to hold onto his toys.he loves the bath but doesnt like getting out,he cries until i take him out of the bathroom.what is everyone elses bubs up to?

hey there he's stopped sleeping thru the night he waking up @ 3am again for a bottle any ideas what to do?? how much does your little one sleep during the day?
hey well how long is he actually sleeping for before waking at 3am, Emily sleeps 7 hrs but in saying that she wakes at 2am whichi think that if i was to put her to bed at 10 she would wake at 5 so that would be sleeping through. Babies still need that extra feed at our babies age.
hi everyone, Just want to tell you guys that Emily laughed for the first time yesterday, How exciting!!
hope your all doing well
hey there yah for baby giggling smile thats so cool. He sleeps from about 6pm till 3am then 3.30am till about 8am so i really shouldnt be complaining should i? but last night he slept from 7.30pm till 7am he just doesnt seem to be doing anything the same anymore i want routine back lol

oh and he is going away tomorrow for the night my first night off im so scared dont know what im going to do with myself, he's going to my dads place smile
you must be so worried. I havnt left emily at all and Isy my 2 yr old doesnt go with anybody either. I would love a break though!, yes you are lucky about the sleeping thing. Emily goes down around 7 then up at 2 then back up at 5 then 7 but today she woke at 5.30 and went back at 8 and slept for half hr, she is tired and i can see now that im going to have a great day with her! joys of motherhood.
well i handled my first night away from him but was so stoked to see him again yesterday smile felt like forever tho, he slept thru the night at dads place lol lucky him so dad ssaid he'll happily have him back any day
Hi Everyone,
I have come in a bit late to this baby thread but my DD was born on the 24th February 08 at 9.40am weighing 4.338kg (9lb9oz)OUCH !!! She is doing very well although she has had a cold for the past 2 weeks!! I look forward to hearing more about everyones bundles of joy.

Hi Everybody

i had a Beautiful Baby Boy named Deacon Bundy on saturday the 2nd of feb 2008 at 12.35am weiging 3100gms 6lb 12oz 3.1kgs length 48.5cms Head 33.5cms did weigh 5.7 on the 24th may 08 but stoped drinking for a while and now weighs 4.8kgs i get him weighed on friday 6th june to make sure he has put weight on i satrted him on solids on sat the 31st of may as he wasnt eating and now he is drinknig plenty went through a hole tim on formula in 6days how long does it take other mummy's to go through a tim of formula i weaned him 2 weeks ago but has not at brest at all for 4days

hi all
sorry i havent been on here for a while my net went down jack is growing up so fast.he is now 7 kgs. still isnt sleeping very well of a night but i guess its just one of the joys of having a baby.just wanted to know if i was to give him some solids would i give it to him afteer his last bottle... my first 2 boys were sleeping all night from 2 weeks old so i dont really know what to do...
thanks kira
[Edited on 13/06/2008]
hi summer, glad you joined us, big bubba, emily was 4.okg and i thought she was a good size, Do you know what your bub weighs now?
Hi deacon2
does bubby like solids,is he sleeping better?
how are you, emily is growing fast too, she was 7 kg 2 weeks ago so i cant wait to weigh hert again, she is still fully breastfed but i let her suck on a piece of apple(in my hand) and i think she is going to love her food!what is every bodys babys doing as far as sleep goes? Anybody have a good routine?
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