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feb 2008 babies Lock Rss

hi all,
jack has been having a couple of nights where he will not sleep at all he has been having feeds every 1 1/2 hours its kinda making me crazy im up all night with him and then up all day with my other 2 boys..
wednesday and thursday they both go to school (one is at school and one goes to preschool) but its my hubbies day off so we tend to get out and about on these days so im sooooo sleepy..
when i was pregnat i was worried that i wouldnt bond with this little man but i think i was worried for no reason..
hope everyone is getting a little more sleep then me..
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Hi all how is everone doing?
i have a fairly good routine going well @ night anyway he gets up about 6pm from last afternoon sleep and stays up till about 8 then sleeps till 3 wakes up and then sleeps till 8am so pretty good but during the day im lucky if he'll sleep for 2hours total and thats 2 or 3 sleeps a day. does anyone else have this problem?
Hi guys, great to read how well you're all doing!
My DD Jaya was born on 1 Feb, at 3.01kg and 53cm. It's been a tough few months, with bad silent reflux combined with all the colds and viruses my toddler brings home from his 2 days of childcare! She's now got a throat infection with ulcers in her throat, poor thing.
Am I the only one who can't get her baby in a routine? I try, I really do! But some days she seems tired just 1 hour after waking up from a long night's sleep, other days she won't feed when she wakes up (say 4 hours after last feed) but will only take a bit a few hours later and then fall asleep, which stuffs up the whole sleep-feed-play routine. I know that strict routines in terms of exact timings don't work, but I'd love some kind of consistency throughout the day!
Anyone else?
hi all,
Jack has finally worked him self out.. yay
he goes down after his last feed (around 6:30pm), then sleeps untill around 4am, when he wakes not for a feed just for his dummy, then up or his first feed at 6 am, then feeds at 9 am, then sleeps maybe 2 hours then has a play on the floor for a hour before having another bottle at 12, then play for a bit more then sleep for 2 hours, then bottle at 3 pm ,then is up and awake untill about 5;30, then wakes for a bottle at 6:30ish. This only works if his brothers will be quite enough for him to sleep but hey its working at the moment so yay!!
i cant belive he is in 00 already it is going so fast (now that i am getting some form of sleep)
we have had to change the formula that he was on to a different reflux one because it was too rich for him and he was still bringing it all up..
hope every one is doing well....
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Hi all,
My beautiful little angel was born on the 20th of Feb....6 weeks I'm an "older mum" I also have a 13 and 9 year oldI 'm surprised at just how much things have changed
Hi Guys. Our daughter, Jessica was born on Feb 20th 2008 and weighed 3.7kg (8Ibs 3oz). She is our 1st baby and is an absolute gem and we love her to bits!!!! She is only a tiny little angel now, currently clocking in at 5.5kg which is just on borderline for her age. She is smiling and chit chatting heaps and is rolling from side to side. I'd love to hear what the rest of your bundles of joys are doing......
[Edited on 09/06/2008]
I sympathize with you!!! My daughter was born on the 20th Feb and I am also struggling to get her in a routine. Since she is not a big eater, even though she weighed 8Ibs 3oz when born, she is currently only 5.5kg which is just on borderline for her age. Her feeding is so inconsistant, one feed she could take 150ml (which is still under) and the next (4hrs later) she could take only 80ml. When she wakes she will generally stay up for 1.5 - 2.0hrs max but then may only sleep 40min so she sometimes wakes 1-1.5hr before her next feed. I try to re-settle her and sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. So unfortunately this "Feed - Play - Sleep" routine sounds nice in theory but not always that easy to make it happen. If there is one thing I've learnt since becoming a Mum.....and that's no two days are EVER the same - laugh!!!!!
[Edited on 09/06/2008]
Melissa, yours sounds exactly the same as mine!
I hate it when they wake 1.5hrs before next feed and refuse to go back to sleep, as it puts the whole day out of wack.
Jaya also often only takes 80 or 120 - she can't read the tin of formula which says 200! LOL.
I get "irked" at those mums who say proudly, "my six week old is in a routine now and it's much easier". Gosh, at six weeks Jaya's only routine was cry-cry-cry-fall into an exhausted sleep -cry-cry-cry!!
hello mums
how is everyone doing?keegan has been sleeping through the night for about a week now(finally)he has his four month needles tomorrow,im not looking forward to are all the other bubs doing?

I'm hearing you B&Ksmum, I have just spent the last 1.5hrs trying to get my DD to sleep, she was overtied which I take full responsibilty for, we had Mothers Group and because I had only been able to make the one I though I should make the effort to go today.....and let me tell you I have certainly paid the price!!!! Poor Jessica has exhausted herslef from crying, I don't know how some people say "just let them cry they'll soon learn"....I find that if I let her grizzle a second over I not only have missed the boat, I've been thrown overboard!!!My daughter must also have the same reading teacher as!!
hello feb mums,
Emily has been really sick for the last 4 days, she has had a virus and the flu, Cant wait to have my happy baby back, Her sleep pattern in the day isnt very good, she sleeps for half hr at a time, lucky if she sleeps longer, she does self settle normaly but not at the moment.Her needles are due soon too but i think ill give them to her late.4 mth old babies are just beautiful, !!! Im trying to think about what every body wrote so i can write back but i just cant remember so i hope everybody is doing well and im glad to see more mums on our thread now. Talk soon, Nikki
hi all

nikki thats no good that your bubba isnt well hope she is 100% soon

jack is loving his "real food" he only has a little bit 2 times a day but i can tell he is going to be a good eater

hope every one is doing well
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