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feb 2008 babies Lock Rss

hi ruth, your bubba isnt too young to be teething,
My 2 yr old got her first two teeth at 3.5 mths and Emily has had a molar sticking out of her gums at the right side3 of her mouth since she was about 4weeks.
Emily isnt sleeping well either, max 2hrs through the day, 30mins at a time and only lasting 4hrs in the night, i think its her teeth too!

You sound like your doing a wonderful job and doing all you can, Maybe he is sick, you cant really ever pin point untill you get more symtoms, If he isnt settling like normal then there is something up.
goodluck, hope all is well soon
This is my section- feb 2008 babies! I had a little girl on the 7th February. She actually shares my birthday!!! I was induced so l did have the option by my ob of holding back until the 8th of Feb but l just couldn't see myself sitting for another day twiddling my thumbs and getting more nervous as each minute passed! She was a five and half hour labour and it was an experience that was very surreal... and the end result was a beautiful and healthy little girl! She's four months old now and l'm nervously looking forward to starting solids, returning to part time work and attending playgroup.. and looking into swimming lessons! Congrats to all the Feb mums and babies plus the dads- take care.
My little girl was born 15th feb at 2.94 kg and she is the light of my life. She was born at Auckland hospital via c section smile
Hi ladys

I had my 1st angel in the 5th feb weight 8lbs 5oz n 59cm,
she decied to come out on her uncles 14th b'day but that is common in our family to double up on b'day:)

we called her April harmony-joan, she came out by c-section not by choice, after pushin for bout 2hrs they said she was stuck so had to go to chch, but the best thing was my labour was only 1 1/2hrs, from the time my waterbroke to being at ashburton hospital i was already 9cm. not bad for a 1st timer.

april is now 4 1/2months weightin 8.40kgs n 64cm n she has been sleepin thru the nite since she was 10weeks, i say the warmer their bed are the longer they sleep!
ive started her on solids 30th may only a little @ a time. shes a big n hungry girl but im not worried.
took her to plunket round 3months n the plunket lady was sayn that she was over weight. what am i ment to do, starve my kid!

it would be nice to hear if someone else is in the same boat:)
Hi htere welcome to all the new mummies in the FEB 2008 thread.... my lil man is sick ATM he has a cold and a tooth coming thru absolutly no fun at all, i feel so sorry for him as im doing everythng i can to make him more comfortable but he doesnt seem to think im being very nice lol

has anyones babies started sqwealing? Kaiden started about a week ago it is so high pitched i think he's found his voice smile
hey all
am new to NSW and have a 4month old son Taylor - accidently set up new post whilst trying to get on to this one!!!baby brain still seriously hanging around!!!
Taylor was born 17th feb weighing just over 10pound.was a little nasty!!
but i love love love him to bits.
am looking to meet other mums in the Hills area to meetup with coz am slowly going crazy from lack of adult conversation.
also he has terrible cradle cap- have been using a shea butter balm, preservative colour and perfumefree but not seeming to get rid of it, any ideas?

taylors momma


i was ment to say room n april makes a grizzel or cry thru the night just to let us know shes still there.

im not to sure bout the book bcos i keep 4getin to take it to plunket with me. the docs are fine with her weight its just plunket.
aprils rollin over n make movements like she wants to crawl so her weights not really holding her off from developing.

yea i had a brother that died from cot death but overheating wasn't the case.sad

plunket is a new zealand thing.its a service that every mum and bub is signed up to where a plunketnurse comes to yourhouse evey 2-3 weeks to check on you and your baby.they weigh them measure their heads check their hips etc..... i have just moved from nz and not sure where to go over here for that sort of thing?do i just go to the docto or have you got something else?

taylors momma

hi all...
sorry i havnt been here for a while i have had 100000000 things going on at the moment...

my 7 year old is sick and home from school... jack is also a little sick so they are keeping me busy..

my pop passed away yesterday so that is really playing on me big time i dont really know how to cope with death as the last time someone in my family died i was about 10...

any ways i better get going

oh Yay thanks for that ruth, was starting to get worried i wld never find out!!!
he needs to have top up shots in a month too so need to get signed up to a doctor too .... its bloody hard moving country!
Thanks for the Hydraderm cream advice too will definately investigate that coz it looks horrible when they have a crustyhead!
am living in baulkham hills nsw so am sure will be able to find it somewhere smile

taylors momma

Yeah we came over in may,my hubby got a job over here so here we are!
just applied for Medicare card today so thanks for letting me know bout the bulk billing thing was wondering what that was all about.
No we dont have medicare back home but do have access to subsidies depending on your income etc.
There are definately better benefits for families over here though!!!

Thanks again for all the tips smile much appreciated!

taylors momma

heya guys
how is everything going? Emily is sick again, all my kids have colds, it doesnt seem to go away!Emily is doing the squeling thing, its funny.She wants to sit up all the time and she wants to eat, poor girl follows my hand and mouth every time im eating, she is teething also. I turned her car seat around, she loves it.I weighed her the other day and she is 7.8 kg, little fatty, her legs are like logs,lol.

gypsy crown, i have one of those munchkin tommietippy fruit and veg holders and i put apple in it and emily bites on this and its easy for her to hold.It works well.frozen face washers are good too.

sleepless mumma, sorry to her about your loss, keep your chin up. hope you feel better soon.
thats all my two yr old is going to let me write,
welcome anybody new and hope everybody is feeling well soon.
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