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feb 2008 babies Lock Rss

hello everyone how are things going?keegan has been eating solids for a 2 weeks now and he loves it.he already has taken a liking to the sweet things but still eats his vegies.he weighs 8.2kg at last check,he has got a cold atm and cant breath through his nose. What new things is everyone elses bubs upto?

hi everyone.
i have no idea wat im doin hopefully im doin it right. i have two beautiful girls lily (almost3) and our newest addition Piper Jade (4 months). Piper was bprn in wollongong hospital on the leap year, 29th feb.
hi i am kinda newish here my daughter lucky number 3 was born at 37 weeks 6 days induced 1 hour 58 minute labour her name is Jayda Addison weighed 7lb 11 oz at birth 54cm long and is no a bubbly 4 month old i think she was 6.7kg at last weigh in and 66cm long. My first son passed away and i have my big boy Toby who is 18 months old
hi ladies how is everyone? just wanted to ask if anyone"s bubs have had exzema.keegan has it on his face and doc gave me cream called ureaderm but i have stopped using it as i think it makes it worse.any ideas what might work?

Hi everybody, thought i would give you guys an update on Emily, she is wonderful, she has just found her feet!! She definatly likes attention, its funny how one day they are just sitting there taking it all in and the next thing you know, they are joinning in.She screams out so loud and she loves her 2 yr old sis.
Breastfeeding is going well, i cant wait to start solids, ive been putting her in the jolly jumper and the walker, she loves her toys and is constantly rolling on to her tummy.
Sleep is abit all over the place but that happens.
keegsmum, paw paw cream is good for eczema.
hope to hear some more from you guys soon.
Yes my little princess (Sienna) was born on 29th Feb 2008 a little leap baby and she has started giggling and squealing and it is very high pitched. I think she mostly squeals with delight and sometimes she does it for is kinda cute though.
thanks ruth
i have got some paw paw cream so i will try that.only use qv wash in the bath now and try to keep him away from perfume ect.just bought a different formula starting that tomorrow.hope it works,keegan gets so irritated from it poor little thing.thanks again

hi everybody,
We are doing good.hope all is well with everybody.
How did the different formula go?

keegans face looks alot better now.dont know if it was new formula or i got some baby moisturing cream from big he is back on usual formula to see if it was that or is emily going?

Hi keegsmum
thats great to hear, Emily is teething and i have started feeding her farax, she loves eating. She is so heavy now!I have been teaching her to sit up, hopefully she will be doing it on her own soon.She is a funny girl, A really cute age.She rolls all the time which is frustrating because i cant just leave her on the floor to play, she gets stuck on her tummy and cries, how bout keegan, is he the same?r you getting good sleeps now? im not!!!
Hi everyone,

My baby girl Jessica Emily was born by C-section on the 6th of Feb. She weighed 8 pounds exactly.
She is a real chubby little bub and now weighs 8.98 kilos.
I was wondering if anyone might know why she gets very red cheeks almost every day. She gets it most days sometimes just one cheek sometimes both and they are also Very hot to touch. She doesn't appear to be teething and this has been happening most days for the last 2 or so months. Can anyone help?
hi all sorry for not been on for a while im in the process of moving and had a busy few weeks sorting a new house out and now i have found one i can pack and relax a little smile Kaiden doing really well has stopped sleeping thru the night but thats life i guess and he sleeps alot during te day at the moment which has suited me so i could get everything i had to do done...

hope everyone else is doing alright
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