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feb 2008 babies Lock Rss

hi zpunkette
keegan is also nearly sitting up,but he doesnt roll much,i dont think he can get over his big belly.he sleeps through most nights now only if something bothering him he wakes up

you are so lucky that he is sleeping so well at night, Emily is nearly sitting also but she rolls only on to her tummy! I had her needles done today, late but her first ones were late too, poor girl is just sleeping, her teeth are driving both of us crazy!She loves her bath, has just started going crazy in it. where are you from? im on the central coast.????

My Chels was born on the 7th Feb 2008 and i have not looked back, she is my first and has changed my world, what did we do without them.




Chelsea was born the 7/2/2008, she is my first and what a difference they make to your world, what did we do without them.



Hi juile
yes i agree, having a baby is the most beautiful thing, especially your first, i remember when i had my first baby, nothing in the world existed except him.Welcome to our thread hope to hear what chelsea is up to soon.

My wee girl was born on 14 Feb 08 and is also my first, I have two step boys... She has made me a much better person and I love her to bits! Even when she thinks its playtim at 1am.

my DS was born on 11th Feb he was 3.7kg(8lb 3oz).
he's now almost 6 months and weighs around 7.5kg.

he sleeps all night. and the only problem he's having at the moment is his tooth, poor thing.

he looks much like his father and as far as i'm concerned there both so cute!
how are you? keegan is doing great,he had his needles yesterday so was a bit grumpy but he is good in hervey bay are emilys teeth?keegans gums are really swollen but no teeth yet.

27 year old first time mummy,im in concord (sydney).
Caden was born on the 3rd feb 2008,3.2kgs,50cm @ RPA

Wow its great watching them change, Chelsea got her first tooth a week ago and is finally sitting on her own, she just seems to be changing so quickly.

Has anyone got any tips on helping them to roll over or crawl, she is just not interested i give her plenty of floor time and try and tempt her with her fav toy of the moment but she just gets very frustrated. Any suggestions would be great.

It would be good to know what stages other 6 months old have acheived.


dont you hate their needle time, emily has not stopped being sick, she has had cold after cold and then when she finnaly gets better , it either needle time or teeth! I love her to bits, she is still needing abit of support sitting, she loves her food and im still breastfeeding and she has become quiet the stickybeak and thinks everything is much more exciting than her booby.Emily says mum and bub, how cute! emily is also trying to be funny with every one by shaking her head, crazy, she must get that from her dad,lol.Talking about dad, this baby loves her dad, I dont even exist when he is around.Emily hasnt got teeth either, Harvey bay is a bit far fo a play date! Hope keegen is feeling better after his needles. Talk soon, hope everybody else has been having a great time with their babies.
take care nikki.
hi guys, how are all the feb babies going. Emily is waking abit at night, teeth maybe!
Life is stating to become abit easier though, is anybody breastfeeding and thinking about weaning, would love to chat to you?
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