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babys born sept 05 Lock Rss

hey mum to Deegan Rose born 8th september 05 2 mnths old

steph 20

Hey Steph, i started a thread on here about babies born sept 05 also.. Your little one was born on the same day as mine. Its going so quickly. I had the first all night sleep last night. Yay
Hey my son was born on the 28th of september Lucas. He is rolling form his stomach to his back and likes to be up right rather than lying down and is showing signs of wanting solids does any one have any advice on what I should do as I'm not sure.
Hi all
Im new to the forum.
My little girl, Keira Lea was born on 14th September 2005.
She is a great baby, sleep all through the night. I was suprised with peoples comments about how strong she is coz she holds her head up and always is trying to sit up!
She was a very big baby, 4.545kg (10pound) so after 12hours labour i had a ceaser, thank goodness!!! haha
I love hearing everybody here talk bout their bub, coz i can now see Keira's development is very normal.
I love being a new mum!!
they surprise you every day
Congrats to all new mums out there!

Lana, Baby Girl, 14/09/2005

My little girl, Chelsea Grace, was born September 29 at 1.26pm. Sleeping through the night from the age of 2 months with a few nights of waking for a feed.

Have a nice christmas!

Allison, Chelsea and Will, QLD

Robert James born 19th September 05, 9lb 13oz, 54cm. A complete joy from day one. An excellent sleeper, and eater, very content and happy. We're very lucky to have had such a good first baby.

RJR 19/9/05, ALR 29/08/07 QLD


I'm a first timer (with the Forum and being a mum).

My little man Mitchell was born 18/09/05. He weighed 8p and was 51cm long.

He is an absolute joy and I love being a mum. Everyday he makes me laugh with something he does. He isn't quite rolling over yet, but I think it will be very soon.

I guess my biggest issue is the wake ups during the night. From reading a few of the posts, it seems alot of you are getting a full night's sleep - how do you do it? He will go to bed at 8.30 and will wake every night in between 1 & 2 am (without fail).

He will go back to sleep straight away, but I do need to re-wrap him and put the dummy in.

Then we are generally up around 6am - EVERYDAY.

Does anybody have any suggestions??

Thanks heaps.
Hi to the babies born in Sept. i have Harrison Bryce who was born on the 7th September 05.
Is any of these parents breast feeding there baby? I am am he was sleeping really well this a week or so ago and he wakes at 10.30ish at night and then 3ish and the 6ish for a feed? Do they go through a growth spert at this age?

Janine,QLD,2 Kids

My son was born on the 27th of september 2005. He was my first child and was 8pound 15ounces / 4065g.
Oh btw my names Amy 20 from QLD.

Amy 20 and Braydon (27.09.2005)

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