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Babies born 4th July Lock Rss

Hi I am new to here.

I was having a quick read the other night and noticed that Lady_Phoenix has a little girl Emily born the same day as my little girl Emily!

Emily Jane was born at 8.33pm, weighing 3770g or 8lb 5oz, 51cm long and HC 36.5cm. I was induced at 38w1d as they thought she was going to be a huge baby - due date was 17th July.

I'd love to hear all about your Emily.

Look forward to chatting when I have the time!

Lisa, NSW. Emily 4/7/05

Hi Em's mum,

I don't mean to butt in on your conversation but I just wanted to let you know that my son was also born on july 4th, 2005.

His name is Carson George and he was born at 5:30pm weighing 8lb 1oz and 50cm long. I was due on july 1st and went into labour spontaneously.

Funnily enough, my cousin's son was also born on july 4th (but he is now 3) so my grandparents have 2 great grandsons which share the same birthday!

I'd love to chat to other mum's who have babies born on this day....

boys born 4/7/05, 14/8/08

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