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Hey there ladies, just setting up our posting area so we are ready, and have somewhere to talk when our bubbas decide to come into the world. Some of us may be early (in May) but I'm hoping we can all stay in the same group. Look forward to chatting about our beautiful bubbas.
xx Alice
May 22 - Macey Nevaeh (7p9) *Jay*Al*Kaili*Macey* (Alice)
May 26 - Claire Elisabeth (6p1) Kazza02 (Karina)
May 27 - Christopher Daniel (7p14) Jess*Steph*ChrisMum (Erin)
May 27 - Akeesha (6p6) PG79 (Prasangi)
May 28 - Kye Michael (8p3) Kerry 4 (Kerry)
June 5th - Gabrielle (9p4) LiLMiSsAlLi (Alli)
June 10th - Lilah (6p15) mikayla&lilahsmummy (Karli)
June 11th - (Baby Girl) (7p6) Mida (Jess)
June 12th - Will Jordan (7p5) Shesmylilprincess (Mel)
June 12th - Thomas (7p13) monkeyandme (Jodie)
June 12th - Tobey Matthew John (8p13) taylorsmummy06
June - Harley David (8p) Charli&Harley'smum!! (Jess)
June - Cooper Warren () jodie1981 (Jodie)
June 24th - Riley (8p11) krissy123 (Krissy)
June 29th - Brooke (9p2) saskia27 (Natasha)

[Edited on 25/09/2008]

Congrats on the arrival of little Macey! Hope your all doing well, and I hope Kalli enjoys being a big sister!

No doubt I will be back to join in over the coming weeks.

Hi Everyone

Well I thought it was about time I came in here since a few of us have had our bubs now.

So how is everyone finding your newborn? Chris is starting to settle in now after a few funny days.

Hope all mums and bubs are well

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hey, waiting for the rest of you to join us in here. Where are you? I am having a fair bit of sleep, surprisingly. Macey is really settled, sleeps all the time. Kaili loves her (a bit too much). She keeps trying to give Macey everything she has, ie chips, milkshakes, toys etc. It's so cute. She also hates leaving her behind and cries until I give in and bring Macey with us.
Well I'm going to go to bed while I can, before someone wakes up.
Talk soon. xx to all

Hey guys, I'm back smile well I was back on Saturday night but to my absolute horror the forum was down sad Now my hubby seems to have left out the vital stats of Claire's birth -

she was 6pd 1 - 2790g and I'm proud to say today weighs 2810g (she lost 260g in the hospital by day 3 and had gained 160g of it back by the time we were discharged on day 6). She's so tiny that most of the 0000 clothes are too big for her but she'll grow quick.

I am trying to do this breastfeeding thing but I can't say I find it very natural.. I have a few probs trying to get her to attach but once she's going she really gulps it down. She won't feed in parent rooms (I guess cause of the noise) so she goes from bottles (of EBM) to breast no worries which is great. I've been managing to express quite a bit of milk using my pump cause I've got so much but it's really hurting my nipples so the CHN said to give it a rest and just hand express for awhile but that's is so painfully inefficient and slow sad Nights haven't been bad at all, Claire only wakes 4hrly and I have to wake her 3 hrly during the day for feeds cause she's a little jaundice and sleeps ALOT and since we've had nothing but rain for the past 8 days there has been no sun to bathe her.. hopefully this week the sun will come out and I can get rid of it.

Anyway, the ob ended up giving me stitches instead of staples and I've had nothing but probs. I've still got really bad after birth pains like you wouldn't believe and I think one side of my wound has become a little infected underneath the cut, so I will have to take it easy for a few days and see if that helps.

ok, I'll leave it there, I'll have to change my ticker now so it doesn't reckon I'm 40wk pregnant smile here are some photos for you to have a look at - just copy and paste the link into a new internet window to view the photos smile

Last belly shot

Claire - 4 days old

Abby and Claire

Me and my girls

She is such a little cutie Kazza and so tiny

I though it's about time I put some photos of DS on I will have to get some family ones later it's hard to get both girls to stay still long enough

Chris 1hr old

Chris 7 days old

Chris had his checkup with the community nurse on monday and in 6 days he was back up at his birth weight which apparently doesnt happen very often in that time frame.
But some days it feels like I am feeding him all day he definatly has hid Daddy's appetite lol

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

awww, they're so angelic when they sleep hey?? What a handsome fella smile Not that I can say Claire makes a lot of noise, even when she's screaming it's nothing compared to a toddler tantrum!! Anyone else's bundle not like getting her nappy changed?

Wow, Erin that's magnificent that Chris has already regained the weight - how much did he lose initially??

Claire's got conjunctivitis sad She had weepy eyes in the hospital but I think it's from Abby touching her face all the time.. poor thing I keep squirting the breast milk in her eye so hopefully it will clear up in the next couple of days..

Yep Chris hates having his nappy changed although he is getting a little better now.

He got weighed on day 4 and he had lost 130g so not to much and he got weighed again on day 6 and had already put the 130g plus a little extra back on.

Chris has a weepy eye too the CHN told me it can last up to 6 months, I hope not though that seems an awful long time to me.

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

hi girls - Claire's eye cleared up and now the other one is all infected. This breast milk is potent stuff! so hopefully tomorrow it will be all gone..

I have finally found a comfy feeding position, in bed propped up with a pillow that's designed to sit up in bed with (bought it before Abby was born but never used it) and yesterday Steven found the cable to get our tv working so now I can watch tv too smile It also seems to be helping her feed cause my let down is so quick she ends up coughing and spluttering everywhere but last night and this morning were good.

Claire only woke up once last night, fed her at 10.45 b4 bed and then she was only woke up 2.45 and I had to wake her up at 7.45.. I was a bit worried it was too long but Kerry was saying Kye's the same smile

I think we're getting a cold sad Can u take cold and flu while breastfeeding??

Call me crazy - I'm starting to look in the TTC section again smile Won't be for yonks yet but I just can't help it, I want another one already! smile

Kazza, lol I'm definatly not looking at the TTC section. see how we go with 3 first.

How are all the bubs going.

Chris has been settling in a lot more the last few days. He is feeding more through the day but sleeping longer at night so that is nice.
He was being a bit fussy yesterday on the breast not taking it so I had to express and he took the bottle really well thank god. It was funny Jess say me expressing so she lifted up her shirt so she could have a go lol.

Hope all the mums and bubs are well and hopefully some more June mummies will be joining us soon

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Erin, believe it or not Abby did the same thing last night - she was sitting on her bed (when she was supposed to be going to sleep) with the bottle up to her chest saying "boobies, boobies" - DH thought it was the funniest thing on the planet smile and preceded to tell everyone at Abby's birthday party today.

BTW, my "little" girl turned 2 today smile and she is now the proud owner of 3 tea sets, 2 complete domestic cleaning kits (dust pan, brooms, spray bottles etc) and a tea cart! I think my friends/family are trying to turn her into a domestic goddess! Although I asked for someone to buy her a kitchen and they bought her a tea cart (like the one's that go around the hospital).. I asked for someone to buy a cubby house (my dad and brother) and they bought a pop up tent, I'll be going nuts at the toy sales to get what we didn't get for her birthday.. I need a bigger house!!!

Claire has been really unsettled the last 2 days.. she wasn't feeding very well from bottle or breast today sad dunno if it's something I've eaten or just cause there were so many strange people and noise due to the party today or it's something else.. I'm starting to find this b/f thing very frustrating.. I can see she's grown and we're getting her weighed again tomorrow but I still wish she would just attach easily and feed properly sad I'm gonna be really happy if I get to 6 wks but it's still 4 wks away...

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