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~OCTOBER 2008~ mums & bubs Lock Rss

Just a quick one from me tonight as I am about to head off to bed before feeding time.

Those of you who are having trouble with sleep during the day I know exactly how you feel. DS has been good (so far) but DD was a TERROR and only slept for 10mns at a time. What I did was make it as light as possible and make normal noise during the day (ie only took phone off the hook if I was asleep) and made it as quiet as possible at night and also as dark as possible. It took a little while but eventually worked and its what the peadiatrician suggested.

If you find that you are getting overwhelmed with the crying as hard as it might be sit outside by yourself for a few minutes, bubs will survive and you will feel so much better.

Like someone said earlier if bubs is difficult to get to sleep then they are more than likely overtired and once they have a good sleep they will be alot better. Even go for a drive if they will have a good sleep then and cross your fingers that it works.

Those on formla maybe try changing it (speak to a child health nurse or DR first) as it might not be agreeing with them and that is causing some issues and possible pain in the tummy. It can take a couple of different ones to get the right one.
Hope this helps you all. Feel free to vent to us all as we all know how you feel.


Hi Ladies,

I am here, have been reading posts but not posting, I know naughty naughty!

Congrats to all new mummies!

I love looking at all of our beautiful babies and children! The signatures are great!

Joshua will be 6 weeks old tomorrow! Time sure does fly. Sleeping wise he is going quite well. Generally I am only up once a night. Since birth he has gained 1170 grams and now weighs 4.51kg (clothed).

Tricia - I know how you feel about bonding, I was like that with my first. Things do change over time and you will wonder why did you ever feel like that. Sounds like they have already! Your kids are just adorable!

Kris - Don't worry that your bubs is on formula, Josh is too. I have had to change from S26 gold to just S26 as it wasn't agreeing with him and also had to find slower teats as Josh was drinking too fast and vomitting! He is a hoover I tell you.

Leah - Your girls are just adorable.

Leanne C - How are you going with your two? I know you were worried about it. Hope all is going well and the feeding!

Well sorry there isn't many personals, Josh has just woken up and screaming plus I went from memory! So I will post more personals later.

Ange - Thanks for the update on Simone, very exciting! Cannot wait to see pictures!

Have a good day everyone.


good morning,

wow its fnally got busy in here, lol! this will be a qick one from me for now as i have so much housework to do today and not much time at all. i just thought that seems the girls are watching "elmo's world" i'd stop in and say g'day. i skimmed through the posts quickly and will read better later when i have more time.

Raych~ its hard work with 3 under 3 isnt it! it does get easier though and you will eventually say "what was i so worried and stressed about" lol.
i was worried about how i'd be with 4 under 4 and well it seems to be going well so far. the hardest part is with Lillian, she has hit the terrible 2's in a big way and it's really only been since a week before Emilie was born that she started. Isabella is great with Emilie and is such a big help. she adores her little sisters all 3 of them, i will admit the fights between the older 2 girls are getting wrse and more frequent and that is very stressful. Claire is finally standing on her own without holding onto anything so wont be log and she will be walking on her own too, maybe it'll be harder for me when that time comes because then ill have 3 running around as well as Emilie.

as for Emilie well she has been so restless of a night and i am feeling so sleep deprived in a major way. i dont get to go to sleep until around 11pm because by the time i get the older 3 into bed and do the dishes ect its about 10pm and i think well no point going to sleep yet as Emilie will be up soon for a feed. around 10:30 she wakes for a feed and a change so by the time thats finished its 11 then around 2:30am she wakes again and we have trouble getting her back to sleep straight away as she likes to have cuddles around that time. we finally get her back to sleep by about 3:30am - 4am and are awake again around 5-5:30 because of lillian being such an early riser.

well i really have to go do some housework. will catch up again later tonight, ill let dh organise the kids for bed and clean up tonight so i can come online, lol!

Hi Ladies

It is such a relief to read your posts and find that I am not the only one that seems to be feeding every 2-4 hours and not getting a lot of sleep. I know that Harry is my second but it has been a long time in between and I feel I have started all over again.

I have been having some troubles with Harry latching on to my left nipple and because of that it has cracked and is very sore when Harry feeds. We had a visit from the midwife today and Harry has put on 230grams this week so he is doing really well. My midwife is going on holidays for 3 weeks so I won't see her again and we have another midwife visit for the last weeks, its kind of sad because I have become very fond of my midwife.

How do you do the signitures with the pics?

It is great to here that Simone finally had her bub and that they are all doing well.

Sorry I haven't done any personals, I will try and get back on here later and do some but for now I have to go and attend to my little boy.


Hey lovely ladies!!

I just read everyones posts,and i found myself nodding in agreement to what everyone else has been saying!
In saying this, i have come to the conclusion that it IS COMPLETELY NORMAL, for our babies to make us feel like we're going CRAZY!!!

I gave up smoking when i fell preggers, the very first time,and haven't looked back since!
I seriously considered buying a packet today tho!!!
Had a really rough night with Landon last night,and today hasnt been much better (altho he finally went down at 2:30pm,and is still asleep now!!!)

I hope this isnt his "big sleep",coz i really want him to sleep tonight!

I can hear u all saying "u should be sleeping while he is then!"-but u must remember, i have 2 other kids here to look after..and do u think theyr gonna go to sleep just coz the baby is?? NOOOOOOO, of course not! they have to be EVEN NOISIER than they were before..and extra demanding!!!!


Well-im just gonna stop rambling now, coz DP is home,and i wanna have a shower while Landons still asleep (he projectiled formula on me yesturday,and i still smell like spew..yuck!)

ahhh babies...blessed little creatures they are!!

Raych xoxo

ps. Landon has been putting on roughly 200grams a week since 2 weeks old, so im pretty chuffed with that!smile

Morning all,

Well we had a horrible night last night. Thomas only woke twice which was good but Amelia also woke up twice and ended up in bed with us. The dog woke her the second time I think with the thunder going on. He used to be ok with it until Amelia was born but has gotten jittery ever since. The second time she woke I had only just put Thomas back down so I ended up with only about 3hrs sleep tops. Hoping that they both have a nap at the same time today.

Those yummy mummies with older kids how have you managed to get them to sleep through? Amelia was doing really well until the night we came home from Hospital. I know that there is going to be an adjustment period but I really need her to sleep, especially as she is now waking twice most nights and if shew woke before it was only once which I can handle.

Well better go and have a shower while they are both quiet and might go for a walk and feed the ducks this morning to wear them out.

P.S. will try and do some personals later on.

Good morning yummy mummies
Well not even going to ask how everyone is I know, sleep deprived, hormonal, sore, grumpy........ but totally in love with our kiddies most of the time lol
Well this time 8 weeks agon, my prediction of having another bleed just came true and in 8 hours time Reagan was born
Time has flown and I am a little happy about that

Samuel is almost 21 months now and is slowly starting to get his 2yr old teeth, they haven't cut yet but the ferral nappies have started and I can see one under his gum, woo hoo it's almost over. Managed to get him into childcare today as they were closed on Tuesday for Melbourne cup. Somedays I feel so guilty for 'dumping' him there during the day especially when I am home, but I have to find comfort in the fact that he does like it and he gets to play with the other kids

Reagan is mostly good, she is a much better baby than Samuel was so I shouldn't complain but she does seem to have a never ending 'farting' issue which causes her great discomfort. Have resorted to the infants friend to help her out but thinking I am going to have to give up chocolate for a while, I think that is not helping her as well as my ****ty diet.

Had words with DH the otehr night, was it you Tricia that said your DH is good when they start walking etc, well Andrew is quite similar but he has made more of an effort after constant reminders that she cries much less than Samuel ever did

For those who have resorted to formula, I have heard nan is good, used Karicare with DS for a while to with no probs but it is trial and error unfortunately. Sometimes you can put a little extra water in the bottle if the formula is constipating them(I think it is about 30mls extra but check with your health nurse) Now as for feeling guilty, please go out shopping and try and pick which children are formula fed and which ones are breast fed, bet you can't, you are not a failure at least you are feeding your bubbas

Well better go, want to go shopping again today but need sleep but it is Friday so DH can do the 2am feed decisions, decisions.

Julie Anne if DS is being a pest during the night as long as he is well we usually let him cry it out, it takes up to an hour the first time, we usually go in twice in 10 mins then let him cry, yes I do feel bad but he always seems to forgive me when he wakes up. I don't cope with him in our bed as he fidgets so much then I get even less sleep

and Ange, I heard from Mel too, she is good but having trouble getting on the computer it's a popular item in her household atm

Bye for now
[Edited on 07/11/2008]

Have had a good couple of days with Madison. She slept all day yesterday and had a bit of a restless night last night but still only got up twice to her. I could have kicked DH this morning though!!!He decided he couldn't sleep at 4:45 so got up and crashed into the kettle handle which of course woke up madam and then wouldn't get back to sleep.

I have just put her down now for a sleep....Here is my issue and not sure if it is a problem or not so I'm very interested in your thoughts. Every morning I have to put her on her tummy so she has a decent sleep. I try to limit these sleeps on her tummy though cos I don't want her to get in the habit and then have her only going to sleep at night on her tummy. At the moment she goes down on her back during the night quite easily.

Its interesting though because if I put her on her back she cries and cries untiil I go rescue her but as soon as I flip her on her tummy she lies there quite content until she puts herself to sleep?? Very confused. I'm always in 2 minds as to go in once she is asleep and flip her onto her back but a couple of times that I have done this and she has woken straight up. If only the SIDS guidelines said sleep on tummy!

Anyway, let me know what you think....
Narelle, I'll give your suggestion ago. Thanks heaps:). Hopefully it will be a better night tonight. Fingers crossed.

Kris, I used to let DD sleep on her tummy for one of her day sleeps as well. As long as your make sure that her head is on the side (make sure you swap sides though so she doesnt get a flat side of the head) it is ok. I always left the door open and checked on her when I was doing things. I never had a problem with her wanting to tummy sleep at night either, she just sort of knew it was only during the day.

Like Narelle I used the Karicare gold formula with DD and never had a problem with constipation. My SIL tried it with my niece and had all the dramas in the world with it.....made her throw up every feed, constipated, windy etc. She ended up using the S26gold and was fine.

Raych, hope you got your other Vodka last night (saw it on facebook).

edited to say DD was fully formula fed and is healthier than some fully breastfed bubs. her development has been where it is supposed to be as well. Like Narelle said you cant tell who was breastfed or formula fed. As long as you, bubs, your DP/DH etc are happy it doesnt matter how you feed.
[Edited on 07/11/2008]

Hi Everyone

Yes it is getting busier here.

Have both kids in bed but DS is being naughty again and is up already! He was only in bed for half an hour. So I guess another afternoon without a nap. And Leah it sounds like we have similar sleep (or non sleep) patterns so I really need the extra sleep.

Kris: Simone gave me the following details regarding making a signature. Tricia - ok the siggy. This is how I do it. Download 'photoscape' quite an easy program to navigate basically choose your layout and drag and drop your photo's into it. Save it. Go to and upload your picture and save. Copy the code 'IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards'.
Ok now go to Huggies, click 'reply' to a post. (This seems to work for me) Go to your Member Profile to your sig and paste the url in there. Save. Go back to your post write something if you wish and hit 'submit'. Presto! Your new photo sig should come up! Let me know how you go xx

Simone: Pheonix is a great name. I really like it. Yes I have to admit your hubby does look very nice - good on you. I am sure your little boy is just adorable.

Bonding: Am getting there - but when he refuses to sleep for a proper length of time........aggghhhhhhh!!!!!! I was at my wits end last night when DH asked if I needed a hand (yeah right - this guy hasn't even changed a nappy). It was because I was pleading/arguing with a 6 week old telling him he wasn't hungry he was windy and overtired and asking for the breast would just make him feel worse, etc, etc - and just let mummy have a rest. I had to say something to the baby because I really just felt like yelling and screaming myself. Told DH to leave me alone (as he really wasn't offering to help - iykwim) and finally after half an hour DS was sleeping.

Anyway I had better go - he hasn't stopped crying so I guess thats it for me - 10 minutes to myself.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Tricia smile

PS Fin is smiling, laughing and just starting to coo so all worth it for those moments - although they are few and far between at the moment.

Gosh a few posts while I was typing.

Kris: In some countries they advocate sleeping babies on their tummys. Whatever works. If you are worried you could get one of those sound and movement monitors for peace of mind.

Gotta go get that boy now.

Tricia smile

sorry i didnt get a chance to come back online last night, by the time i had a chance i was that stuffed i ended up passing out on the lounge while watching tv with the laptop beside me, lol. we had a little bit of a better night last night but once 2:30 came it was back to her normal self, argh! to top it off claire is teething again so dh stayed up with her last night trying to get her to sleep again.

tricia i have done the same thing, when you've had next to no sleep in days and are so tired all you feel like doing is screaming and crying yourself. i have too at 3am ect said to emilie, your not hungry you have a pain in your belly and having more milk is just going to make it worse, but she keeps on crying and crying and crying. saying it just keeps me sane enough to deal with it.

its funny because isabella was sleeping through every night and has done ever since, since she was 6 weeks old. but lillian was 6 months old and claire was about 7 months old when she finally slept through.

raych i know how you feel when people say you should be resting when bubs is sleeping, its like "umm dont you forget i have 3 other children aswell 2 of which dont sleep unless i fight with them to finally get them to nap" i can get half of my kids asleep at the same time but the other 2 refuse to sleep during the day, instead their volume increases and they get more hypo and it is always when the younger 2 are sleeping.

congrats to melz and simone on the births of their bubs!

umm... thats all i have time for right now, little miss emilie has just woken up and is screaming the house down so better tend to her majesty. take care!


oh yeah i have facebook for those who want to add me, name is leah patterson and there are a few but mine is the one with the pic the same as in my siggy line of emilie and myself. feel free to add me if you want.
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