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~OCTOBER 2008~ mums & bubs Lock Rss

Happy Birthday all you gorgeous babies!!!!!
And congratulations on all the expectant mothers (sending blue vibes your way Leah - although I am sure another pink one will be just wonderful too!).
Fin is now one and is such a character. A boy of few words though - unlike his sister at the same age who was saying lots of words. He is crawling and climbing - still not walking although I think it is really just a case of it is faster crawling so why bother (a real little boy!). He is so crafty as well, pushing things against other things so he can climb up to high places - luckily no accidents ....... yet. I have the opposite problem Julie-ann - Sade has to follow Fin everyone and take over everything he is doing. The countdown is on until we finally move to a big three bedroom home - just 7 weeks now. I can't wait as we are sleeping in the lounge while the kids have the bedrooms - it is the only way we can all get some sleep - although each child seems to wake up at least once in the night (the co-sharing turned Sade's wonderful sleep habits to bad ones so we will have to knock that on the head once we move).
Look forward to hearing everyone's updates.
Tricia, Sade & Fin.

Also is anyone trying to wean from the breast at the moment? I really have to tackle this one soon (but will wait until the weather gets a bit better as the kids are still getting sick all the time). If anything Fin seems more clingy to the BF than Sade was (and trust me that is saying ALOT). When Sade was 15 months (once I got over the first trimester with Fin) I basically told Sade that that was it - but she seems a lot older in her comprehension that Fin so I think he is going to take a lot more persuasion. It will be helpful to have him weaned by the move but I don't fancy my chances. The change of scene is probably the best time to try as he will be easily distracted as I think a lot of his demand feeding is also routine, etc because if we are out of the house he doesn't require as much feeding.
Anyway for anyone else doing this too happy to hear from you.

Hello mummies, daddies and all October babes

Its been ages since I have been on but wanted to wish every lil bub a Happy First Birthday.

I cant believe in 2 days Miss Olivia is 1 - OMG where does the time go??

<a href="">

Happy first bdays to all the babies out there smile

Ryans is about 2wks away, it scares me lol..

Well has u most prob all know, ive been doing the solo parent for the last 5 mths and got at least another mth to go.. And im So over it!!!!! i feel i cnt do it anymore. Just want DP home NOW!!! lol...
ryan has been making it really hard for me over the last week or so. Grizzling and more grizzling and moe grizzling and i just dnt know wot to do to make him stop..
He is a little cold, snot nose a bit of a cough, and mayb teething how knows these days.
Everything seem to be such a fight with him all the time..
Fight to change his nappy, dress him, Feeding him, everything.
he is just not hpapy, he hasnt been sleeping properly at nite so i was think maybe he is always tired so i out im dwn for naps earlier and he sleep for a acouple of hrs morning and arvo, but he still wont stop grizzling.
Ive put him in his own room now, the first nite was a not good at all, last nite (2nd) he woke twice but it got to the stage ive just let him there to cry it out, coz when i go in there he dnt want his bottle and just grizzles..
Ive been wanting to take him to the playgroup here, but each time wednes came around he is either sick or sumthing happens
im so sure kama hates me at the mo, everything just seems to falling apart around me, and ryan was the only reason i got up in the morrning, well untill he started geiing impostable for me.

hmm ok moan is over now lol.
just finding it hard coz ive got no support here. cnt wait to move closer to my friends when DP gets home!!
Hey Ladies, happy 1st birthday to all the bubs smile i think i have only been in this thread once, naughty me. I just forgot all about it.
Just wondering how all ur bubs are doing on cows milk now? for the ones that have weaned them onto it?
My ds is doing well but his poo's are alot looser and he can go sometimes up to 7 times a day. Sometimes only twice. His been on full cows milk for about a week now. We started with only half cows milk and formula.
Does anyones bubs have loose stools as well? my ds got sent home from day care on thursday because he had done 3 poos in three hours and they thought he had gastro. But his fine.
Melz - Mumma Bear I really feel for you. I wish we lived closer and we could hang out. You've done so well. You're way over half way now so it's a home run now smile Don't know if this helps but Phoenix has been VERY grizzly lately. Nothing we do makes him happy. Very clingy too. He has had a head cold and I am almost 100% sure there are teeth on the way. I'm so proud of you xxx I take my hat off to you for being a solo mum, Del will be home soon. Everyday is a day closer - every minute is a minute closer to when he comes home. I bet he's counting too smile

Tricia - I stopped feeding Phoenix at 5 months and slowly weened him. I kept the morning feed for a long time because that was our time together. It was hard, but I was very greatful. Everyday I feed it felt like I had been at bootcamp. So well done for going a whole year!!! Did u say he had a cold? I can't remember? He may be a bit clingy because he's unwell. For me doing it slowly worked well (and I went very slowly)

Someone asked about cows milk - I haven't yet given Phoenix any cows milk. He'll be 1 next week so I'm going to give him a little bit after his first birthday. Sorry - not much help there smile

Hugs to everyone

hey guys & big 1 year olds smile
wow, how long has it been since iv been in here??? too long i reakon!!! (i blame facebook...but yeah,lets not go there huh!)
Landon started taking more indepedant steps today! a few weeks ago,he was just "letting go of the furniture,and standing for a second, b4 dropping to his butt", and today, he took 3 steps away from the couch towards his father!
was sooooo cute!!!

anyyywayyy, just thought i'd jump on and share that PMM with ya'll!

hope everyones going okay,and the bubs are all behaving themselves!

(i really gotta update my siggy sometime hmmm!) again soon...nite all xoxo

Raych xoxo

Just bringing us back from the black hole of the second page!!

5 and a bit weeks of pregnancy left! Can't wait to meet our little man. He is a little wiggle worm!!

What does everyone have planned for Christmas??

Hahaha! Good work Ange! Can't believe we were on page 2!HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you as well!

Christmas will be busy. I swear one year I think we will runaway and go to the beach just the 3 of us! We will be doing the usual for us Sydney, Nowra & Canberra!

Well it's just a quick one. I just popped on to see if anything was happening smile

Simone xoxo

Oh dear! Page 2!!! Thought I'd write something up and see if we can push our way back to page 1! Hahaha

Is everyone over on Facebook now? Feel free to add me Simone Eastgate and let me know that you're a Huggies Mum smile

Phoenix is doing really well. Walking/running, chasing the dog and simply having fun! His molars are cutting through atm sad Poor we thing. They've been giving him grief. He is 14 1/2 months now - time flys by so quickly!

Simone xoxo

Hey, don't know how to do that 'thread' thing. But just wanted to put on here that I had my beautiful boy - Jack Connor - on the 3rd of October, 2008 (due on the 7th). He weighed 6lb 9oz, slightly smaller than my first born - Madison Rose - who was a lovely 8lb 2oz! Jack arrived in 2 1/2 hours which was painful, but nice and quick! He is 16 months old now, and is a handful, but is the cutest boy ever. My heart bursts with love for both of my amazing children.
Hi Deb,

There are not a lot of us that use this forum any more.. we are all mostly on facebook. feel free to add me if you like. My name is Aileen but on facebook I'm Ails Mckempa. I have one daughter born 18/10/08 called Mia who is my whole world. If you do add me, please just let me know you are a huggies mum. We are a great bunch of girls with lots of stories to tell of our little ones


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