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~OCTOBER 2008~ mums & bubs Lock Rss

Just trying new siggy out.


hey yummy mummys!!
yay found the forum!

Ryan an I are doing really gud.. He wakes every 3 to 4 hrs for a feed. well not so much today lol.. the little monkey.
man its hard to belive that he already is a week old 2day.. wish i could slow dwn time lol..
well thats all frm me at the mo, nathing exciting to report.

im so loving being a mum, its just amazing!! words cnt discribe it!

[Edited on 08/11/2008]
Hi ladies.. havent had a chance to read thru the past page, so no personals.. Hope everyone is enoying the first weeks and not going too insane. I remember with Ben all I seemed to do was feed him and watch him sleep - jumping every time he made a noise. Soo much more relaxed this time which is really helping. We have been sick for the past week with a cold bordering on the flu (for me, Ben and Chris - luckily Aidan has so far escaped it). Not fun trying to get snot out of 5 week olds nose. Ben now has tonsilitis aswell so not fun trying to deal with him while he is grumpy and sick and wants 120% of my attention. Chris seems to be a lot sicker at night so spending lots of time awake with him. Apart from that he is great - really settled and fits in with whatever we are doing.
I am taking him to a chiropractor on Monday for a check.. Ben had problems and they reckon 70% of babies in a normal vaginal birth end up with their back being out which can cause all sorts of problems from just beeing sookey to colic/reflux to more serious problems (friends bub couldnt breastfeed due to spine being out - after 1st adjustment she was brilliant)_ Aidan goes to Brisbane Sunday afternoon for work, so can see I am going to have Ben in tears for the night - then an hour trip each way for the chiro at 10am, then an hour trip each way again at 6 to pick Aidan up from the airport - atleast I will be able to bribe him with Maccas and KFC - got to get something out of the trip..

Better go - mega storm has just hit and have to cook dinner b4 the power goes out..
Have a great one ladies - and to those stressing out - just relax - if you are relaxed bub will pick up on it (hopefully) and go with the flow...
Cooper James was borm 2 weeks early

date; 21/10/08 at 3:30am, he weighed 3.985kg, healthy, feeding reqally good
Hey girls

I was 'mother in waiting' from due in October babies group ... obviously had to change that now baby Isaac is here.

Mostly going ok, am finding second time around a bit easier and sorry for no personals but it sounds like we are pretty lucky that DS no 1 (21 months old) sleeps through most nights even if the baby doesn't.

Sorry have to show off about a miracle that occured this afternoon ... both baby & toddler slept at the same time !!! so I got to have an afternoon nap as well (after I'd called mum and best mate to tell them of my brilliant parenting efforts) ...

Hope everyone has a good night / weekend ... am waiting for little one to wake for feed, hope it won't be too late and then he sleeps at least a few hours ... actually even 1.5 - 2 hours would be another miracle ...

Will catch up soon with everyone's posts ...

Leanne C
Hey guys-
just a brief one from me,as im feelin a little frazzled tonight (nothing different from the past 6 and a half weeks really!)
Landons asleep for the moment (silent high five!!!)...the older 2..well-they're in bed-wether theyr asleep or not is debatable tho! *sigh*!
DP just went in and gave them a stern talkin to,so hopefully they will be asleep soon! (what's a bet,Landon wakes up then tho!!)

Arghh,i cant wait til these kids all get into a decent sleep routine!
8:30pm bedtime for ALL children,and no one wakes up before 8am!!! ahhh ,a mothers dream right!!!

Well,im still breast feeding Landon,despite almost turning to formula last week!
I think the cafs nurse gave me some peace of mind,when she said it was NORMAL for babies to feed 2 hourly at this stage!
I was in the mind set,that there must have been a problem with my supply or something,for him to want to eat that frequently.
i dont remember the other 2 eating that often-but then again..i dont remember much of them being newborns,due to lack of sleep etc!!

grrr, DS & DD are out of bed and wandered into the loungeroom-so i better go put them back to bed,for the 50th time! *sigh sigh*!!!!

chat later-

Raych xoxo

Good Evening Ladies,

No personals from me tonight, just about to head off to bed but I just wanted to let you know about a super deal Identity Direct have on personalised calendars which would make great Christmas presents especially with pictures of our latest arrivals!

They are 40% off at a cost of $13.95 each (max 4). You just load your photos for each month and cover with personalised captions as well. I have ordered mine! Below are some further details and web address:

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Even if you haven't already registered for our photo centre, follow the link below to register, upload the photos you'd like to use, complete the easy steps to personalise your gifts, and use coupon code IDENCAL8 at the checkout to take advantage of this amazing offer. And what's more, you'll receive a further 20% discount on duplicate calendars in the same order (maximum 4 calendars per order). Hurry as this offer ends on 13th November, so get creative now! ml?lang=en-uk&target=d159.html?utm_source =fortytwo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=s napfish4nov&mid=31343

Happy shopping.

Hope everyone is well and your little ones are thriving! Speak soon.


P.S I hope you all don't mind me telling you about this deal, I don't work for identity direct or anything so not trying to flog you guys something to make money just wanting to share this with you all!

[Edited on 08/11/2008]

hi there,

I wanted to come on and say congrats now I have my net back up and to say I had my baby girl Katelyn Grace on the 20th October via C-Sect. She was 8 lb 4 and was 50cm long with a full head of hair. I cant believe the amount of hair. It has been a full on couple of weeks with my 2 year old being a bit naughty in order to keep all the attention on him but he is getting better now so I can stop stressing so much tongue I will change my signature as soon as I figure out how I did the first one lol.

Bubs is hungry so Im off to feed her

xx Elise

Hey Cath,
Good idea. I love Identity Direct. My family use it all the time for special presents. Mum bought Madison a personalised Christmas Adventure book with Madison as the main character. They are a really special present to keep forever.

While we are sharing ideas about websites, you might want to check out "Snapfish" Its also a great photo site. You can upload your photos to it and then order really cheap prints they do it all for you and post them out. This is handy for me cos otherwise I would never print out any photos.. They just stay on the computer.

You can also order really cool gift ideas as well...Like coffee mugs with your photo collages and stubby coolers...great for Grandads etc.

Heaps of other stuff there as well if you want to check it out. You can do thank-you cards.. Speaking of thank-you cards...This ones a bit expensive but I couldn't resist...Creative Cards website has the coolest designs for baby thank-you cards... There are HEAPS to choose from and you just email photos and they do it for you.. Have magnets on back for fridge.. I got some and LOVE the way they turned out.

Anyway, obviously I have been spending a lot of time on net since I am practically housebound now.

All going good with Madison. Really starting to get some confidence about this "Mummy" caper. She has been a really good baby...Seems quite content and happy most of the time and sleeping for 5-6 hours at some stage through the night. Last night it was 9 till 3, then woke up for good about 6:30 so that was good. Most nights she seems to have the long sleep too early though from about 5 till 11. So hopefully I can rig it with her bottles so she does what she did last night. Her day time sleeping habits seem to be improving too at the moment. Hope I am not speaking too soon.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the weekend.
P.S- Promise I will start working on my siggy so you can see some pics of Madison.

Hi Ladies!

Well finally, 14 days overdue I can announce the arrival of Connor Sean Brady. He was born on the 6th Nov at 12.36pm, weighing 9lb 4oz.

I was due to get induced on the morning of the 6th but the gel that put on my cervix the day before put me into labour that night. 14 hours total with lots of pain killers (none of which worked) and he had to be helped out with a vacuum.

All is going well and we love our little man to bits! There are photos on facebook if anyone would like to have a look.

Hope everyone is well, i will read through the rest of the posts when i have a chance.

Tracey. x
Hi Everyone

Both kids in bed for their afternoon naps. This usually lasts for 5 minutes as Fin decides he wants more milk - lets see I might be lucky today.

Raych - Fin has been feeding 2 hourly for the first 5 weeks - day and night. I have been told it is a boy thing - but gosh is it hard. In the last week he has extended 'some' night time sleeps to 3 hour and even a period of 4 hours. DH tried a stint back in our bedroom which was good because I have all the baby stuff all set up in the lounge - but the feeds became 1 hour as opposed to the 30 minutes prior. But after a bad night DH has decided to sleep back in the lounge (Fin and Sade were both up several times last night).

Have finally bonded with my little guy. I think it was at the 6 week mark when he extended his sleeps a bit. It is amazing how even 30 minutes extra makes you feel more human! Still feel like a zombie though.

Anyway had better sign off. Spent the morning at the doctors for his check up so still have loads to do in preparation for the afternoon routine........

Have a great week everyone.

Tricia smile

Hi Ladies

Just a quick one from me.

Raych and Tricia - Harry has been feeding anywhere between 2 - 4 hourly for the past couple of weeks and I have been told by my midwife that it is quite normal especially in the 4th to 6th week when they are suppose to be going through a growth spirt. I have be thinking about putting Harry onto formula because I was starting to think the same as you Raych and that I didn't have enough supply, I am sticking in there and it is getting easier.

Nothing much else to really say here, we are all doing well apart from the lack of sleep.


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