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~OCTOBER 2008~ mums & bubs Lock Rss

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P.S My "D" is not working well so sorry about the grammer : )
[Edited on 14/11/2008]

Mel, welcome back! Sorry to hear Courtney has a heart issue. I hope nothing too serious which can be fixed? Please put some more up to date photos on facebook! Hope your feeling ok.

I have a question for you all............

Who is giving their baby a dummy? I hate them hate them hate them. My first DS had one as he was such a cry baby, I caved in at 3 weeks and gave it to him and my life changed around dramatically! The thing is he became addicted to it and at 5 months woke everytime it fell out so I went cold turkey and took the dummy off him.

So second time round I did not want to give DS a dummy. Anyway, Josh is bottle fed and is such a guts that I decided to give him a dummy before a feed to try and give him some sucking pleasure before a fed so his suck was less intense when feeding from the bottle as he was vomitting alot due to drinking so fast. He is a hoover! Sure did work, I have also taken to giving him the dummy during play time as he just won't happily play. As soon as he starts to fall asleep I take it out and make him fall asleep on his own. Thing is I think now that he has the taste of the dummy he wants more! Arghhh!!!!!! I really don't want to use it for sleep.

Your thoughts/suggestions are appreciated.


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Mel, glad that you are back! Poor little Courtney with her heart but glad that they picked it up early on.

Leanne, My DD is acting the same way and is only just older than your DS1 (her birthday is 21/12/06) so know exactly wht you are going through.

Thomas is going well. He slept for 4.5hrs straight last night and Amelia slept through as well so I feel very awake today which is a nice feeling.

Raych is right with the burping, bike legs really work also holding them upright with pressure in the middle of both their back and front can help.

DD has just woken up so better go.


Hey girls

What a wonderful day !!! DH is out with DS no 1 and baby Isaac is asleep so am listening to music and stuffing around on the internet ... so so so nice to have 5 minutes to myself ... am definately not gonna do any house work !!!

Mel - great to hear from you, I hope little Courtney is ok, how serious do they think her heart issue is or are you still trying to find out more info ???

Julie-Anne - I gave DS no 1 a dummy and we didn't have any problems getting it off him, I only ever had tiny little newborn dummies so I guess they were less soothing and he lost interest around 6 months on his own ... I'm doing the same with baby Isaac (ie am giving him a dummy) but I refuse to move up a size with them and I am not giving them to him at night, only to try and settle him for day sleeps ... very very lucky so far if I feed & feed until his little tummy is stuffed he seems to settle easily at night ...

Ok off to enjoy my quiet house while it lasts, chat soon ...

Leanne C
*got a crying baby in my lap,so forgive sloppy post*

mel- good to see u back mate..was worried,as i hadnt heard back from u in a while! sorry to hear court has a heart condition.must be stressfull for u,u poor bugga.wish i was there to give u a {{GBH}}
she sounds like shes putting on good weight tho,so thats a good sign! Landon seems to be gaining steadilly, but not quite as much as everyone else's bubs.maybe i just have petite kids!

Cath-re:the dummy-i know wot u mean,im not a fan of them either,but willing to use them in case of urgency! luckilly for me,my DS1 weened himself off it at 3 months.DD never even took one.and Landon has days where he'll take one,but more often than not,he'll just stick his tongue out and push it out his mouth! tempramental little blighter he is!!!

who was it that asked if things will ever be normal again after having a baby????? the answer is no!!!! sorry to say this,but as wonderful as it is to have this beautiful little child in your life,things will forever be ''about them''!!

You will never be anywhere on time.
u will never get a nice long shower in peace.
meals will always b cold by the time u get to finally sit down to eat (if at all)!!
even things in the bedroom may dwindle,as u hav to go from 'mum mode',to 'wife mode',which is sooooo hard to do!!!
so- challenging?,yes.
rewarding?...debateable (LOL)
but normal? no!!!!
ahhh, u can tell im having a good week huh!

okies,my kids r at day care,and landon is just about finished feeing now (i hope!!!) im gunna try and put him down,and go hang sum washing out!

bet ya fifty large,that it wont happen like i plan it to tho!!! sigh!!

raych xoxo those girls who are skinny again already, i glare enviably in your general direction!!!!!!
i wanna be skinny toooooooooooooo!!!!

hey all.
popping in to say HELLO!!
Everything is going great for us, Ryan is a dream feeding every 3-4 hrs. But he is a gooble guts and also dnt wind porperly untill u have changed him and wraped him up ready for bed then he will decide to power chuck all ova me lol.. Little monkey.

Hope everyone is doing great!

Melz xxox
Hi Ladies

Well is is 6am but it seems to be the only time I get to myself at the moment because of the great Queensland hot muggy weather we have been having Harry has been very unsettled through the day and feeding alot.

Leanne - I hear you on the feeding under 2hrs. Harry has been feeding either every 1-2 hrs through the day for the last week, it is apparently normal for breastfeed babies especially on warmer days. Lucky enough Harry is feeding 3.5 to 4 hourly through the night, I have had a few 5hr breaks but the are few and far between.

Melann - Good to see you back, Sorry to hear about Courtney's heart. Hope you find out soon what is exactly wrong. You must be so stressed.

Cath - I gave DS1 a dummy and I was able to get rid of it no problems and I have given Harry one as well. I have found that like DS1 Harry likes to put his thumb in his mouth and I would prefer him to suck on a dummy than his thumb. I have seen too many children that suck their fingers or thumbs still sucking on them when they are at school, and it can also cause teeth problems so I think it is much easier to get rid of a dummy than to try and stop them from sucking their thumbs.

Had my last appointment with my midwife from the birth centre on Wed as Harry is almost 6 weeks old and he has put on 305grams in 6 days, he is now almost 4kg. Next week we start our visits at the health centre.

Well I had better go and organise my boys, I am taking them to get their photo taken with Santa today.

I noticed some of you are friends on facebook, I also have facebook if anyone would like to add me. My full name is Melanie Cordeux.


Hi Everyone

Mel: Good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about Courtney's heart condition but as someone has said luckily they have noticed it early.

Leanne: Milk Thistle capsules are good for milk supply - worked a treat for me with DD - no problems yet with DS. I have been lucky with the dummy thing. DD I managed to perserve and not give it to her. With DS it never even crossed my mind. Apart from the constant feeding and winding issues he is pretty contented so I haven't had to resort to it - so sorry no advise to share.

I couldn't believe it but he slept for 5 hours straight last night. It was a pity that DH was working late so I used the time to catch up on work rather than having an early sleep. Will he do the same tonight?????????? (I think the constant feeding for 3 hours helped - although it is so hard with a toddler that needs to be feed, bathed and put to bed while DH is working so can't help).

Raych: Do any of your kids share rooms? We only have 2 bedrooms so I have to put DS into DD room soon. Anyone else done this so young? DD will be 23 months and DS will be 2 months. Any suggestions?

It has been good having the bed to myself as DH has been sleeping in the lounge since he does crazy hours. And DS has been very good at night despite the constant feeding we worked out a comfortable routine the last few weeks. Soon it will be back to sharing a bed...... Not very romantic of me I know but I am soooo tired that it is the last thing on my mind. Last time after 2 episotomies due to DD emergency birth it really hasn't been the same - nerves are short so still painful at times. But glad to say that I finally 'bit the bullet' and this time around has been a lot better - not painful. I will never be the same again because of the first birth but at least I don't have to go through all that pain, etc again.

Anyway better go. DD has been stuck in the highchair so will try to shower her before DS wakes up.

Have a great weekend.

Tricia smile

Hi Ladies,

Just a very quick one from me, just updating my signature!

Thanks for all of your feedback regarding dummies! Josh had a very unsettled day yesterday but I did not give in and give him a dummy for sleeping! He is so much better today.

Melanie, I will look you up on facebook. If anyone wants to be my friend my full name is Cathy Schulz and I have a red top on.

Speak with you all soon.


I'm on facebook too. Tricia Polkinghorne.

Morning Ladies,

I hope everyone had a good night. Still only getting up once a night at 2.30am so I feel pretty good most days.

Josh was 7 weeks on Friday, time sure is flying!

Cannot believe Christmas will be 5 weeks away next Thursday! So how is everyones Christmas shopping going? I have done the boys, just need to do family and I am done! Will do some more shopping today.

Josh is smiling and talking to me heaps now, it is just lovely. I am enjoying motherhood second time round so much more! Hoping Leanne, Tricia and Julie-Anne and everyone else agrees with me!

So how are all the first time mummies feeling? I know at times I felt very over-whelmed, tired, stressed and worried. I do hope you are enjoying this precious time as they don't stay little for long!

Have a good Sunday everyone!

Take Care.

Cath xxxooo

Hey girls

Cath - yep I agree with you, definately loving it more second time round ... am finding everything much much easier ... maybe as Raych was saying I think I've got my selfish little head around the idea that it is all about the kids and gone are the days of showing in peace (or privacy from a toddler !!!) ...

Tricia - sorry I don't have any advice for you but please let me know how you go with getting the two little ones to share a room. We have 3 bedrooms but one of them was my step-son's (he's 13) and he's now sharing with a toddler !!! means on the weekends that he's here he ends up getting woken up much earlier than he'd prefer ...

I'd like to get the two boys in a room together sooner rather than later but wasn't sure how long I'd need to leave it ...

Anyone everyone's going feral so had better go ...

Leanne C
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