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due to some ppl being some ppl i have decided to take down the list....all of those headaches and stress for nothing....

[Edited on 03/12/2008]

Hi Kel.
Our old thread may come back minus the mob mentality. Here's hoping.............

Anywho, my quote for the night,
"It has become appallingly clear, that our technology has surpassed our humanity"
Albert Einstein.

hmmm true bert true lol

god morning., hopfully we wll be able to continue this thread without any problems, i missed reading the posts. well zacs dob is 12 july 08.
well better go clean up then go get the nugget some 00 grow suits!!!! bg lumps growing out of everything. wheres my little bubba gone boohhoooo.
oh has anyone elses bubs started to dribble and blow bubbles??? have a good day

jamison is 14th july.
jami has been in 00 suits for a while now! not sure how fat he is, but mum calls him "little buddah!" they sure grow fast!! i have been so slack being my second that i havent had him weighed for about 5 weeks! but i can see he is (generally!) happy, alert and growing well! my little baby is now asserting his authority in his bed, apparantly 20-45 min catnaps are good enough at the moment, however he is still really tired!

hi there i started the cyclone on solids at 3 months, she loved it but i started her on veg as she hated farex (not that i blame her) and i also pureed porridge for her....

the white ant just demolished a full 300ml nuk btle, i couldnt beleive it!!! so i might be beefing up his intake with farex (give it a go) my doctor told me to put a table spoon of it in his btle he was weighed this morn aswell 6.1 kg omg the cylcone was only 9 kg at her 12 month check up, so clint and i made a bet, he rekons he is going to be that weight at 6 months, and i rekon hes going to slow down on weight gain once he start getting more active, we have a carton on it lol

Lucretia was born 26th July =)

Feeling a little better now.. still not happy about Allan though =/ I'm sure, soon enough, he's going to be hearing about it! haha
Hey guys

we have two thread now. Yay. Hopefully our old thread well open again soon. Do you think we can ask someone to re open it. I would really like it back. Hopefully soon we will all feel comfortable to come back together and have the laughs that we use too. I miss everyone heaps. I feel like i have had a big fight with a group of my girlfriends and everyone has split. Oh high school days. Sometimes i wish i could go back there. things were so much easier back then. I really have to do my blingee thing. Maybe tonight after the wee one goes to sleep if i'm not too tired. Listen to me i'm just speaking sh i t.

Kel can you add Ellah 3 July.
[Edited on 29/09/2008]
all done smile just dropped frypan on toe flipping ow, cut it open just got s26 for 15 bucks p tin yay nappies were 2 for 50 (mid size pkt) so have nuff milk and nappies for a month, so they can fil up n empty out as much as they want lol

Hi girlies:)
Kel- add Luke please. 23/06/08.

I am sick, so are the boys. Going to bed.
Love yas Naomi xxxooo

Grrr I just wrote in other thread then found this I can't do two threads it'd do my head in. I don't want to hurt anyones feelings coz i love you all but can we move back here to's only a matter of time before our other thread gets moved anyway as it's not a PND related thread.
I truly hope we get our old thread back if we all keep pming the mods it could happen?
I agree we need our thread back but how????????????????? Maybe now that all the crap has stop for a few days maybe everyone eill be happy to come back over here. Maybe if we ask them nicely
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