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July 2007, new thread Lock Rss

hey girls,

its been ages since i posted so sorry been busy with chrissy and what not,

Cohen is going great cant believe hes nearly 18 months old time has flown. Hes such a happy and good kid. Not sure on his weight or height but he will have his 18 month cheek up with health nurse in the next few weeks so i can all let u know then. Hes picked up a few words the usual mum dad nan bub yeah no what ummm and a few others. Fav words atm are YEAH WHAT lol its so cute. Hope all ur not so little ones are going great.

Congrates who are pregnant or just about due! Not sure if your all aware im 8 weeks pregnant so due 2nd August 09 took 1 month of trying so we are over the moon. i had all day sickness with cohen but this one i been fine just really tired as in sleeping 3-4 hours a day worked out my iron levels are low so im taking iron tablets and what not and i feel great now.

Well hope u all have a safe christmas and a happy new year.

Love Bec and Cohen


Hi Bec! Been awhile since we seen you in here. and yes i did know you are expecting again.....Congrats!! I seen you are having your ultrasound today, hope it went well!

To everyone else "have a very merry christmas!!!!"

keep safe. MWA!

Luv Christelle
Hi ladies,

Wow, can we believe its xmas already??? where has this year gone????

Congrats Bec, wow only 1mth of trying, i knew ages ago that you wanted another bub so congrats! How was your ultrasound?

Critter i cant believe you only have 12wks to go!!!! i wonder how big this bub is going to be.... exciting stuff smile

All is well with me, Mia is great, such a fun age and is always so happy, Koby is going bettter but he is such a hungry boy so i am supplementing him with some formula and have already started him on solids which he guzzles down! Still feeding 3 times a night tho whihc is very draining.....

Well i hope everyone has a very merry and safe christmas!

speak soon, michelle xx


Hope everyone enjoyed their xmas....I certainly did! Steven finally said yes to us buying a house woohoo. Its got 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and an entertainment area underneath the house. Its in town fairly close to the hospital which is great for the twins since they get sick occasionally with bronchiolitis - sucks. Oh, its got nice polished wooden floors too, its a fairly old house though, but building inspector says its in pretty good nick for its age. I am just glad we will finally be paying our own house off now instead of someone else's house.

Hey bec, good to hear from you! Keep us posted mate, wow expecting, yay!

We have been staying at my parents place for the last couple of days but we head back home tomorrow, I suppose I have a heap of packing to do and cleaning too because the house should hopefully settle on the 23rd of next month.

How are all the littlies doing? How many words do all yours say? My little girls still don't walk I thought they have been so close for the last week or matter I know they will get there eventually.



"Happy new year to all!" All the best for 2009!
Bring on March and "D" day!

Good luck Teish!! Your probably in hospital by now, on the way to welcoming your new little bundle.

Good night all!


How is everyone? Anyone else going crazy with the school holidays? Brayden is going nuts, I think he's getting bored, kindy was great to keep him occupied and active, bring on school! 27th Jan!

Everything is still coming along nicely with our house, the pest inspection went good yesterday, we just have to clear some garden away from the house so it doesn't temp the termites there (there's none there though, just in case).

My girls finally have started walking at 18 months...not that surprising though, I never started walking either till I was 18 months! lol.

Hope everyone is going well!

Hi everyone!

michelle - glad to hear everything is coming along well with the exciting!! wink congrats on the girls walking.

Well only 8 weeks left for me....can't wait!!! heaps excited now!! lol.....had my last scan yesterday and my placenta has moved up so its about 4cm from my cervix now so i can go ahead with a natural birth (thank god!) Bub is spot on for dates and is 4.1 lb, so far.

I was wonder weather any of our July babies are doing this great big screaming tantrums?? Connah is real bad for it....screams at the top of his lung!! it sends chills down my spine!!

ANywho............hope your all well.

Take care

Hello everyone, I see there is a new thread....

Well just a reminder to anyone who's forgotten us (hehe), I'm Roxy and I'm mum to Callum. Haven't posted for AGES! We went to Australia for Christmas (I'm living in NZ but am from Aussie originally), saw my family in Cairns then we drove down to Bundaberg and the Gold Coast and stayed with friends for NYE. Had 3 fantastic weeks over there! All came back to NZ with nice tans, and Callum is the brownest of all of us!

He's just gone 18 months and says a lot more words now, including "wow!!" which is hilarious cause he yells it at the top of his lungs. He's a very busy little guy. Eating and sleeping well, we are very lucky parents! But he is still doing about 2-3 poos a day!! Is that normal?? lol.

I got engaged a week before Christmas, all very romantic. So I'm pretty busy at the moment, planning our wedding which is in March! (yep, this year! Call me crazy...). Venues are booked, dress has been bought as well as bridesmaid dresses so I am nearly there!

Another exciting bit of news is we are planning to TTC #2 around Feb/March (ideally March after the wedding, but I am clucky now! haha).

Hey Roxy!! Congrats again on your engagment!! its awesome news! very exciting about ttc #2......i hope it happens fast for you because i know you are SUPER clucky!! lol....very understandable since our july 07 babies are not babies any more.

Well an up date on me....had my anti-natel appointment today and i was told bub's head is 4/5ths engaged!!! not quite sure exactly what this means.....(my other 2 didnt engage for ages.....but sounds good either way! lol.......Placenta has moved away 10 cm from my cervix sooooo no problem there. but the docter might induce a couple of weeks early. (due to the problems i had delivering Connah)

Thats all from me for now. not sure who still reads our thread but hey......


Christelle, wow, I can't believe it's only 8 weeks left! Not long and we can drink beer together again via webcam lol lol!! (wheneva you give up b/feeding that is). Good to hear your placenta has righted itself. Did they say how you would be induced? Drip? Break waters? I got the cervical tape with the twins and WOW that kicked in within the half hour BIG time.......but the midwife said that I was the fastest woman ever to react that she's personally seen. I think my body is a tad oversensitive. It was ok anyway, they just removed the tape and it slowed down a bit then.

Woohoo, mummy of 3...nearly. Bree likes to squeal a bit too. Both girls fight with each other and rouse on each other if one is near me and the other's not. If one stands next to me and touches me, the other one cracks up and comes straight over and pushes her way in then WW3 breaks out! lol. Hopefully this is just a phase, grrrr

Roxy, yes, I remember you! Sounds like you had a great holiday. Hey, you would have passed through our little town of Tully on your way down the coast. Did you hear recently that Cairns had a huge flood?.....we did too as well as heaps of other places. Gosh, a wedding. Congratulations!! March sounds like a perfect time of year to get hitched - not too cold, not too hot. Hows the weather in NZ?

A couple of mates and I spent a few hours over at the new house today doing some cleaning. I am getting heaps excited! The previous owners actually called in "professional cleaners" to clean the house (owners live in different town) and I reckon my son could've cleaned it better than these mob. Anyways, cut long story short, we ended up taking early possesion of house so we could move bits and pieces in earlier, rather than wait for it to be cleaned again. I am too impatient. I complained about the cleaners and they aren't getting paid now....who leaves hornet's nests on the wall, and huge cobwebs everywhere? Then cleans one shelf and totally misses the next? What the? That's my whinge anyway. I didn't mind cleaning it myself too much anyway, at least I know it's done properly. 3 more sleeps, yay!

Bye bye

Hey Michelle!! Nah they didnt tell me how they were going to induce.

Man they must have shitty cleaners!! i wouldnt pay either!

Glad my kids are not the only ones who fight!

TAke care!
Hey Michelle!! Nah they didnt tell me how they were going to induce.

Man they must have shitty cleaners!! i wouldnt pay either!

Glad my kids are not the only ones who fight!

TAke care!
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