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July 2007, new thread Lock Rss


how are we all?

I am supposed to be flying to Brissy on friday from Townsville, but now I don't even know if I will get there because of the flooding. sad I will have to play by ear. I guess I could cut my losses and fly from Cairns instead

The girls are being real sookies lately, especially since we moved house. I am just about pulling my hair out, grrrr

Ok, just a quickie


Hey Shell, might catch up with ya for a beer this weekend lol.... good luck mate, safe travels,

Critter, you little mummy of three under four... I am getting excited for you, hi to everyone, thought I'd pop back in now we finally have broadband again!

Hi Roxy and Hi Bec, and Hi Jilly and Mishie
Not much happening, just got back from Tamworth which was cool, hey I won New Talent at the Bush Ballad Awards I am very very stoked!

Back still same, so that sucks big time....8 months now of pain every day sucks.

Jacko is 3 on April 27 so not long now, he's talking heaps which is cool, like you can really have a convo with him now, He's almost potty trained but having trouble with number two's.

Mr Kyan is cool, chatting away with words like mummy daddy, pwwwwease, fank you, wow, ta of course, and all the other prases mumbled under his baby breath and baby babble. Cool to see them interact now the play lots together, it's cool to watch.

Critter, what's with this screaming stuff, Mr Kyan throws bigger tanties than Jackson ever did, doesnt' get his way screams throws self on ground bangs head screams more....

And squealing in the car then jackson makes it worse cause jacko squeals louder. lol the joys of it all, Jacko sang twinkle twinkle at tamowrth is was really cool on stage with another little girl his age we know, very cute....

Missed you all, catch you again soon,

Rachel, Jackson 2yrs, Kyan 1yr

Hi Everyone!

YAY Rach, you are back! SOrry to hear you are still in pain. Will call you soon! I promise! Bec does the head banging too, we have a permanent bruise on her forehead! Going through lots of Dr appointments again for AMy at the moment so hopefully will have some news ( good or bad) soon!

Lot long to go Critter!!!!

Hope everyone is safeand well!


Jilly, Qld, Mum to Amy 14/12/05 & Rebecca 20/7/07


How is everyone? Well, I am waiting up a little bit longer between giving the twins some ventolin, they've had a head cold since yesterday, but it seems to go straight to their chest. Now they are breathing really quick like they've got bronchiolitis again, I will see how they are after their next ventolin and maybe it'll be a trip to the hospital. Poor little munchkins, here's hoping they grow out of it

Rach, hello. It was great to catch up with you and have a beer, gotta love that nice green pool lol.

Jilly, maybe next time we can catch up, it'll be a longer stay next time, I will be recording the "good vocals" on my album. I really hope the doctor can figure out what's going on with Amy.

Christelle, wow only five weeks to go, it feels like only a couple of months ago that you told us all you were expecting. Must be getting really uncomfortable by now, luckily summer is on its way out.

Girls, I should have a 12 track album out in the next 4-6 months, it's country music! So happy it's finally happening, I'm kinda in a dreamlike state now lol

Sorry if I've forgotten anyone.
Night night all,

hi Rach, michelle and jilly!
OH Rach its great to see you back in here again! wasnt the same without you. lol. i really hope your back pain improves!
you poor darlin! hugs from us!

Michelle, great news about the album!, i remmember hearing you sing, you have a beatuiful voice! and im definatly going to be buying a copy! I still listen to Raches cd ALL THE TIME. Natalia now sings along too. hehe. soo cute.
I hope the girls get better soon. Did you end up haveing to take them to hospital?

Jilly, Hows the kiddies? Keeping you busy no daught! hehe. as they do. omg i can't believe ill have 3 soon! aahh!! lol

Yes, less then 5 weeks to go now. and yes i am VERY uncomfortable and can't sleep! which is annoying because i cant have a nap during the day. But oh well....shi* happens.

i seem to be all belly again, so im thinking its another boy. But only time will tell. wont be long and ill be telling my labour story on here. lol

Mish, hows things going? you getting out and about much?
your doing a fantastic job still BFeeding! esspecially having lil Mia to run after as well! wink

Take care all!

Up date on Connah - He is going great, started dribbling heaps again, i think he is getting his eye teeth (or fangs )
And he is doing this really annoying thing were he spits as well. hhmm, hopefully that'll stop soon. not real nice when your out and about.
Natalia dressed him up in her shoes and hat this morning. She thought it was great but Daddy wasnt impressed. hehe.
Maybe she needs a sister. lol

Anyway. thats all for now. bye for now!

Yep, I agree with you Christelle, Rach's cd rocks! I will send you one when mine are done for sure!

We did end up in hospital with the girls, early yesterday morning at around 1.45am, they were breathing really quick and shallow, bronchiolitis AGAIN. I reckon it's asthma, more or less. I have asthma, so it makes sense. Gosh, they slept when I got them home yesterday arvo. Doc said he wanted me us to stay in another night, but I said they would get a much better sleep from home. Well they slept from 7pm through to 6.30am not waking up at all unless you count when I went in to give them a dose of ventolin and panadol, but they kinda stayed half asleep anyway and didn't fuss when I put them back into their cots.

That's my drama for the week anyway lol. Have a great weekend ladies.


Hey girls....!

Jilly, nice to hear from you, hope everything is going okay there with the girls. Do they still look so alike? i know they did at first, my boys do they are looking more and more alike by the minute.

Hi Critter, YAY 5 weeks nore of being uncomfy then we all get to meet the newbie, so exciting isn't it, you'll do fine I reckon, can't be much harder than 2???? We should ask Michelle that question though? 3 is cool aint it Michelle. Well hope Connah's teeth aren't giving him too much trouble, and Natalia is giving him loads of cuddles. That's so cute that they like my music, awwww.

Hey Michelle, i just had an absolut ball with you in the green pool, it's all better now maybe you should come over this weekend for a dip. Can't believe your album is nearly up and running production wise, it's so exciting. I am still getting first copy. Sorry to hear about the girls, it's awful all this stuff going on really, makes it hard for you all, por little darlings, well I'm thinking of you all, be great if they could come up with a remedy so it doesn't happen anymore that's for sure. I caught up with Charley and Sandy today I finally got my award which was really cool, love it to bits, it's absolutely beautiful.

Sorry guys I didn't tell you, I won new talent at the Australian Bush Ballad Awards which was awesome! YAY!

Michelle, I called Stuie yesterday and I'm booking in for the middle of May to start my album, which is really exciting, U know I was so keen to get back in when you were starting yours.

Anyway not much to report boys were at Day care today so i had the hairdresser and doc. appt.s and housework that's always fun but overall I had an excellent day....

Girls, I have foils in my hair now.... wait for it....

Blue, Purple, Pink, Red and Yellow....

Michelle, they're twice as bright as when I saw you now you need sunnies on to look at me.

We had our 10th wedding anniversary on Fri. I spent the day in hospital on a drip not so romantic, Poor Jackson and Kyan had it then me and then Dave it's a really terrible bug i have never felt so sick in my life, so I'm hoping we can make up for the anniversary at a later date.

My birthday is Sun, and I'm going to be in Tassie so that's really cool, I fly down Sat and back Sun, never been to Tassie so really keen to get there and sing.

Seeya later guys, Luv Rach xxxx

Rachel, Jackson 2yrs, Kyan 1yr

Hi Rach, under 4 weeks to go now! i can't wait! i can barely get a good nights sleep these days.

how are you doin? hope you have a blast in Tassie! Happy Birthday for sunday chicki!

Had Connahs development check today. He is 13kg and 87cm tall!!!! She said he is taller then 90% of kids his age! lol

anyway the lil man is having a sleep and Natalia is at pre-school so im off to have a nap.

Hey that's really come around, quickly, well for us at least obviously you are ready to have it all ovder and done with, poor thing, sucks when you have a crapy time like that and can't get enough rest.

For those of us with older kids, does anyone know how to safely remove MONSTERS from Jackson's bedroom, I've tried the following:

Validating his story, denying they exist, ignoring the monster stories, listening to his problems with the monsters and sympathising, all he can say now is Monsters not real they're in my head, but he is staill afrraid and gets out of bed alot now before he falls asleep, and this morning, he jumped in my bed, which I wouldn't ever allow, I know where thay could bead but my back was just too bad at 4:30 am to get up out of bed and sit with him.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Rach x

Rachel, Jackson 2yrs, Kyan 1yr


Wow, Christelle, you have a nice sized little boy there! Gonna be nice and tall lol. Good job.....counting down

Rach, your hair must look amazing! It looked great when I saw you, it must be twice as great. Sheesh, another award to sink a battleship with, hehe, I know the Gidgee one you showed me woulda put a nice hole in your floor if dropped!! Hey that's such good news! (don't worry, I'm just jealous haha) Not long till you start your next album, I am excited for you.

As for the monsters, hmmmmmm "scratching head".......

maybe a nice soothing head massage to "get them out" before bed time? Maybe read a storybook before bed time, even better maybe track down a childrens book from the library or the net about monsters, and get one that shows monsters as friendly....Brayden loves watching Monsters Inc, but he's a couple years older though, and maybe understands a lot more of what they're saying. I do know that Sully (main character) is a big fluffy cutie lol.

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Rach, have a great time in tazzie and don't freeze!!


Hi Everyone

How are you?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACH for tomorrow!!!!!! Your hair souinds cool, have to put a photo on facebook! The girls lookm alike in expressions but in other ways are so different! Would really love to catchup but at the moment I am sick of Dr appointments so if we don't have one I hibernate! How is your back?

Christelle you either have to have Bubs tomorrow or wait 4 more weeks tomorrow that way it will be born on Rach or My birthday!!!!

Michelle, can't wait to hear you sing!!! It is amazing that there are a few of us musos here!

Well Amy goes to hospital on the 4th to have a hearing test under a general so her ears can be looked at as well! And Dad goes in that day to be operated on the next as he is having some arteries replaced so it will be hospitals and more hospitals that week. We are also waiting on a funeral to happen, my sisters FIL ( who I know well) has maybe only a week to live whih is so sad as he was this big vibrant man and is just a shadow of his former self. Cancer is such a horrible thing!

Well off the dramas now

Hi to everyone else too, hope you all pop on to say hi!!!!!

Chat soon


Jilly, Qld, Mum to Amy 14/12/05 & Rebecca 20/7/07

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