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July 2007, new thread Lock Rss

Hey Shell, yes I wish i had your sensitivity to pain killers unfortunately I'm the opposite. I was amazed u could get away with one panadol! sounds like your inductions were better than mine but it's like I said my labour doesn't go anywhere. Oh well.

Hey I went to Tasmania, U duffa! Katherine is in the NT and I head there on the May long weekend. I'm so buying u an atlas and a geography teacherfor your birthday.

Funny u should mention the vodka....I was tempted yesterday, we went out to lunch and i had 4 vodka and pinapple juice's and came home a little thirsty for more and Dave did mention that bottle, hmmmmm I guess I should drink it we can get more when u come down again.

Well not much happening here Jackson is being a daredevil, he must get that from his father I'm sure!

Anyway..... bye for now!


Rachel, Jackson 2yrs, Kyan 1yr

LMAO!! Oh, I now see where I got confused! You must think me a big dodo, for some reason I had it in my head that this weekend just gone, you were going to Katherine, which is in the NT, yes lol. I knew you went to Tazzie the weekend before that. I think I've gotten May confused with March hahahahahaha! *ping* the penny drops...........

Hey Christelle....

Any news on your bubba? I've been thinking of ya!


Nah sorry chelle... no news yet (unfortunitly lol)
although i did see the specialist on thursday and he told me he might consider a c-sec. but i REALLY dont wanna have one! so im going to sujest they induce me next week when i go back on tuesday.

wish me luck! and lets hope mother nature is kind and lets me go into labour naturally before then!
Hi everyone,

I haven't posted on here for AGES!! I hope you are all doing well - Lisa and Christelle, not long now hey?? Very exciting stuff!!

As for us, we are all good, I've been busy getting final preparations done in time for our wedding next weekend! Been a quick engagement, got engaged on 13 December! Very excited and getting quite nervous now too. Callum is 20 months old on 13th March, is just so wonderful!! Cheeky and sometimes naughty but all a part of learning and growing up!! He's finally got more teeth (at 18 months still only had 6 teeth!!). He's got 2 or 3 molars coming in at the same time, poor little guy. He's talking a lot now, loves loves loves Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs, wants to watch it all day long (which of course I don't let him!).

We are keen for baby no.2 - hubby-to-be is quite keen to wait until after the madness of the wedding has settled down, but I am super-clucky now. haha. I actually may have had an implantation bleed the other day but don't want to get my hopes up. I've read up on it, and it sounds to be just that......but I'm not sure - anyone else had implantation bleeding before?

Hope everyone is well! Talk again soon!

hi Roxy, i had implantation bleeding with Connah. i cant remmember how many weeks i was, but it was pink, not red. and only very small amount and only once.

I hope you are!! i know how clucky you've been. hehe. plus i see your sis is preggas too! very exciting!!

let us know! wink

Oh, thanks for the update Christelle, yes I am sending good vibes your way and hoping mother nature is nice to you and you can start labour on your own!

Roxy, next weekend! Oh yay, I hope it all goes great for you, no matter what, just don't stress on the day is the best advice I can give you, there's no use in blowing your top you may as well enjoy yourself and what will be will be!

Please all wish us well here, there's another lovely cyclone about 290 kms NE of here, or is it Cairns, not 100% sure but either way it's still too close for comfort. Its name is "hamish". I have heard that it's supposed to be even worse that cyclone Larry by the time it's finished building up - its now a category 2 but will be hitting a 3 sometime tonight and it's only moving at around 11km an hour so that gives it more time to build up as it comes over. It also means that when it does hit, it wont be quick, it will be nice and slow....eeeeeeeep! The last I heard it was estimated to hit the Whitsundays which is south of here. The rain is coming in a fair bit, its kinda erratic. Anyways, we will be fine, I am sure cause we've done it before and we'll do it again! smile...just venting!

bye bye

Yes my sis is about 14 weeks along and she's very excited - me too cause I will be an Aunty!

Your implantation bleed sounds exactly like what I got, and I had something similar around the time I got preg with Callum too........fingers crossed. I am anxious to test now but I think it might be too early! Not due to have another AF until around the 10th..what should i do??? lol

Hi Michelle
thanks for your well wishes for our wedding! So far I'm pretty calm (which is a surprise) but that may change come next Saturday!!

Have heard of Cyclone Hamish, very close to Cairns which is where I'm from and my family are - but I have just heard it's moving away?

Just a quickie to say hi and let you all know my hellish couple of weeks is over ( I hope) My friends DH's funeral was horrid! After 2 funerals in 4 days we then had AMys op which went well, no grommits and her hearing is perfect.... Then Dad had his op on Thurs, he had 2 arteries and part of his aorta replaced. He is in intensive care but should be in the cardiac ward tomorrow.... Looks horrible and he is in so much pain. Our next thing is a wedding next weekend in Richmond, Tas so am looking forwards to that!

Hi to everyone else, will type more next time!

Hope you are OK Michelle! Critter hurry up and have your Bub!
Callums Mummy, I hope you have a beautiful wedding day! Can't wait to see photos and fingers crossed for a BFP

Rach, Hi!!!!! I will ring you when I am back from Tassie, I promise!

Mish, hope you and the kiddies are well!

Well I am going to crash so sorry if I forgot you!!!!!

CHat soon


Jilly, Qld, Mum to Amy 14/12/05 & Rebecca 20/7/07

Hey Jilly, hope you have good news again from now on glad you dad is okay, take some warm clothes I froze in Tassie! Talk to ya when you get back.

Hey Michelle, Great news you were spared from the cyclone! You don't need that crap again that's for sure. I'm so excited about your impending tour! WOO HOO You're in the big time now girl! Hope the girls and your darling Brayden is good, thanks for the chats while Dave was away it helped alot.

Hi Critter what's going on???? We wanna see the newbie! It'll be over soon mate, not long to go now, are you still sufffering? i hope you're getting some rest at least it must be so hard, I give you a medal because I don't know how you and Michelle do it with three, it amazes me.

Hi Roxy nice to hear form you again, congratulations I hope yo have a beautiful day and it's such a special thing to get married I know you will enjoy every moment of it. I had implantation bleeding with Jackson. Same as described. Good luck! Poor callum I hope he feels beter soon it's cruel the teething, poor Kyan is going through some at the moment darn eye teeth it's terrible. Happy wedding day! x

Well we survived, Dave was sent to Mackay to prepare the job site for the cyclone and of course when it was of the coast at Mackay they closed the airport so anyway after 3 days we got him back last night and I couldn't be happier.

We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary today very belated as it was friday the 13th of Feb. I was in hospital on a drip that day from a darn bug we all ended up with I got pretty dehydrated.

We went to a swanky restaurant called il Centro i think, in the city by the river, very nice and great service. I had a beautiful romantic lunch and the boys were in day care so it worked out well. Back to reality tomorrow with the boys and Dave back at work.

Seeya girls,

Luv Rach x

Rachel, Jackson 2yrs, Kyan 1yr

Hi! i thought id give you all an update.
I seen my docter yesterday and she said i am 1-2cm dilated!! she done a s & s........VERY uncomfy!! but it seems there is some progress, ive had a few painful contractions, nothing major though. So if i hav'nt had baby by monday they are going to induce me. Soooooo hopeing it happens naturally!

on another note. the daycare where natalia goes said there is a spot for Connah if we want it, so we will be sending him on mondays. i took him in today to see what he thinks of the place and he loves it! he didnt want to come home!
Im feeling really guilty about sending him.....i bet ill bawl my eyes out on his first day sad

How is everyone else and their littlies going??

SEND ME SOME LABOUR VIBES!! *******************************

luv Christelle
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