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July 2007, new thread Lock Rss

GOOD VIBES, GOOD VIBES, GOOD VIBES!!!! Can't wait to see the pics! All the best Christelle!

Another update. went into hospital yeterday morning because they wanted to see if they would induce, had my bags in the car any everything, thinking they would induce!! BUT NOOOOO.
im kinda relieved though. i just want it to happen naturally.

soooooo today is my due date.............:0

Hi ladies!!

Well I am now a married woman!! Saturday was a beautiful, magical day, I couldn't have asked for anything more. And we were blessed with lovely weather. It was just awesome! I thought I'd let those of you fellow FB girls know that I have put photos of our wedding up...and here's the link to the photos for those who don't have FB

Some other happy news I have to share............I am pregnant!! Found out about a week before the wedding. A lovely little bonus!!! I have a docs appointment tomorrow, hope to get blood tests and that sort of thing, but I think I am around 4 weeks. Feeling quite sick, kind of like being on a swaying boat with a hangover, and all I can do to try and keep it at bay is eat. I am eating all day long!

Hope you are all going well! Good luck Christelle!!!

Oh and I forgot to say I'm still trying to keep the pg quiet, even though our families and close friends already know! smile

Roxy, how you feeling?

Well an update on my and bub ,im 3 days overdue now. Had some pains last night 20-30 min apart and lasting about 30 seconds. But it did'nt come to anything. went to doc today and my cervix is thinning, so thats a good sign. If nothing has happened by Tuesday they want to induce.

please please please send me ALL your labour vibes! lol

(ps: dont mention this on facebook. hehe)
Its a girl!!!!!!!!
Got a msg of christelle this morning saying she has had a baby girl and her name is ella rose 7pnd 15oz born 3am this morning!
Congrats critter xxxxx
ps i dont think she wants this announced on fb so pls just keep it private on huggies!
mish xxx


Ohhhhhh wow! A big congrats to Christelle!! Well done, and such a pretty pretty name (my girls' middle names are Rose...good taste lol).

Thanks for the fill in Mish. Hows Mia and Koby going? Update your siggy!! hehe.

Hey girls, I had my album cover shoot done last Friday, I am waiting for the photographer to send a sneak preview through, when she does, I will post a couple on fb...let me knoiw what you think!!

The twins are doing heaps better now, they seem to be getting used to this big house and play a lot more independently now....although they still fight like cats and dogs at times when the mood strikes them! Brayden is loving prep, we are going to make an easter hat/bonnet this week for the easter parade. I bought some cardboard, stickers, glitter etc today from up town so it'll be fun to sit down with him and do it.

Hope all is well with your families!


CONGRATULATIONS CRITTER, Ella Rose is a lovely name, well I wouldn't have picked it I was thinking a boy perhaps, well done, and Good Luck hope all goes well.

Congrats to Roxy on the pregnancy and wedding.

Hope your pics are awesome Michelle I know they will be you're gorgeous!

Thanks Mish for the news very exciting,

Hope all is well,

Luv Rach xx

Rachel, Jackson 2yrs, Kyan 1yr

Congratulations Christelle!! I saw you've just announced on FB but i have to congratulate here too! Ella Rose is such a pretty name!!

I am feeling pretty lousy, morning sickness - yeah right!! More like 'All Day Sickness'. But I try and sip on ginger and lemon tea and drink lots of water, get lots of rest.... but it's so hard with a toddler to take care of! But I'll be ok....going to see the GP again next week and request a dating scan, even though I'm pretty sure I'm due around 18th November...

Hi all!!

just a quick post to say thanks for all your messages and i am feeling GREAT! well......apart from sleep deprivation. lol.
im breastfeeding and it is going good soo far, but im also giveing Ella some formula. She sleeps great during the day but is awake alot of the night. But she will figure it out eventually.

Connah loves his little sister and Natalia is very protective. i can say for certain that going from 1 child to 2 is EASY compared to going from 2 to 3! lol


They induced me the morning of the 24th march with that gell stuff twice, by about 10 that night i wasnt getting any proper contractions but had dilated to 4cm. I send my hubby home to get some sleep but by 12 midnight the contractions were coming very strong and every 5 minutes. The nurse rang my husband and by the time he got back to the hospital the contractions were coming every 1-2 minutes. So after aproxx 3hrs of labouring i felt her head move further into my pelvis and i gave a little push and waters broke, after 2 MASSIVE pushes her head came out then 1 more push and she was born!! looking just like her dad may i add. lol

The only pain relief i had was gas for the last 3-4 contractions.

Roxy - i hope the sickness doesnt get any worse! i know all too well about that dreaded "all day sickness" it sux hey!!

hope your all well.

luv Christelle

ps - Mish - thanks for posting it on here for me!! wink

Hi!! I thought I should also let you know the newest member of our family was born on the 19th March at 5.12am... Kahli Violet Wilton is her name and she weighed 8lbs 5oz, so she was a decent size!!

Ella is a great big sis... I took her to daycare this morning for the 1st time since having baby and she was pushing the other kids away from Kahli and then tryed to drag the capsule away from them... So cute and very bossy!!

Kahli is feeding and sleeping well, so there isn't much to complain about... The birth also went well.. Was in labour for about 7 hours (twice as long as the 1st time) But completely different as I went into labour naturally and the whole thing was a lot less intense. Contractions were regular from about 10pm.. Went to hospital at 1am and was 8-9cm then... Still took another 4 hours from then though!! Including an hour of pushing!! With Ella I was like you Christelle... It was like 3 pushes - 11 minutes!!

So we are enjoying having another baby in the house.

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